Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Ups and Down Down Downs

There have been a lot of ups and downs for sure, establishing a new routine, and the constant baby-baby-baby-kids-kids-kids! Although progress is being made slowly but surely! Here's a summation from last post to current! Cheeks came down with a upper respiratory infection not long after my post. It was HELL! She was running fever, miserable, completely stopped sleeping at night, and I nearly lost my mind! Then Lil Toot started vomiting a week after that passing the stomach bug to myself, daddy, and cheeks. Cheeks was still on meds from the URI. Finally about the last week of July things started getting better. I was so glad my older four kiddos were with their dad during the sick-bola here! Therefore none of the previous goals were met and it was very frustrating. When it rains it down pours! So the last week in July Cheek's daddy started working only nights, so I was able to leave the two littles with him for a few hours early in the morning after he got off work for the gym and kick into high gear! Let me just say, this was a pivotal turning point in this fitness journey! I have been able to stay on this schedule with the exception of days where kids had scheduled appointments and or other obligations.

The daily habit is set and now time to focus on the game plan. At this point I am not yet ready to set an actual "number of pounds goal" to lose within a certain time frame. This time around it is much harder after pregnancy and being older in general. This time around my weight loss goals will be measured in "more weight loss." This means my goal is to lose more weight by the next weigh in whether that be 1-4 or 5 pounds depending on if I weigh weekly or bi weekly. My weigh in's are my motivation; therefore if I know I have had a week that just hasn't gone right with scheduling, then I will wait for the end of the next week to weigh for progress. Progress, regardless of how slow, is still progress! I am determined to not let myself get discouraged by obsessing over the number on the scale. The numbers are in and they show a lot of change as well as my last week of pregnancy picture vs current. Therefore I am trusting the process and just setting reasonable goals in the mean time...

1 Week before delivery VS Current

Goals met and current accomplishments as follows:
-Down 61 pounds to date
-Work out 5 days a week
-2 of 5 days include elliptical trainer and stretching/yoga
-3 of 5 days include elliptical trainer, stairs, stretching/yoga
-Bonus Day 6 Work out as able around kids schedules includes elliptical trainer, stairs, and stretching.

New Goals:
-More weight loss
-Work Out 5 days a week with at least 2 additional bonus days
-Work out Focus:
*Stairs increase from 10 min to 15 min
*Elliptical continue 65 min high intensity each day
*Add 10 min Core work out 3 of 5 days
*Continue stretching/yoga each day
-Breakfast: Protein shake
-Lunch Protein shake
-Snack: Protein based-Mixed nuts-Yogurt
-Dinner: Fresh Healthy dinner with the family
-Water: 1 Gallon a day
[Add propel water on days electrolytes need replenishing]

Now, lets open the floor to the readers! I am all for accountability, I believe documenting goals really helps set ones own accountability! What are some of your current fitness, weight loss, or healthy living goals?


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Weeklly Thoughts

I'm back! I actually didn't let myself go another THREE years before the next post! Woo Hoo, progress... I like it! So down to the nitty and some of the gritty! This week I have taken on a bit of a "job" if you will. I am now keeping my youngest sisters 1 year old baby girl, Little Toot! Yes, I already know what you're thinking! "She has FIVE kids already, what the hell is she thinking!" Yes I think I asked myself that a few times too! However, I'm super excited to see my beautiful, precious, independent, head-strong, little niece now every day! It is a lot like having twins between cheeks and Little Toot! The onlylittle/big difference is the 6.5 months ages difference and the developmental difference between a 6 month old and an almost 13 month old! Cheeks is rolling, sitting, army crawling, and getting up on all fours and rocking. She sits independently for quite some time, although she does topple over on occasion; her muscles are still strengthening. Then you have little Toot who is rolling, crawling (very fast), WALKING, and into EVERYTHING! You can only imagine the work out I'm getting keeping up with these two little peas in a pod! It's becoming a "monkey see-monkey do" situation. Cheeks wants so bad to be up and moving around after Little Toot. BUT she's just not quite there yet.

It has been hard getting these two to nap at the same time. Little Toot wakes earlier than Cheeks so their morning time naps are totally not in sync yet. Then the afternoon nap has required my rocking BOTH babies at the same time for them to sleep. I lay Cheeks down and she stays asleep but little Toot is not understanding this whole new routine just yet. So here we are, holding on for our lives and hoping we can all survive the first week of all this new adjustment! We will get there and it will get easier! On that note, I think both are actually asleep at the same I type this out! YES mommy/auntie M scores! (now we'll see how long this lasts)

I haven't been to the gym at all in almost a week and my eating has been what I can grab when I can grab it! It's not been terrible but not ideal for weight-loss. I do think between all the craziness of SIX kids to wrangle, I have been moving non stop! I'm still afraid to do a scale check! I'm going to see how we get through this week and start fresh on routine next week. Then it will be a full week of (hopefully) the new Monday-Friday norm. After a good week of eating right, morning walks, and the constant running. I MIGHT be brave enough to do a scale check at the end of the week next week! So we shall see. It's a lot harder to stay on top of the focus I had with loosing weight several years ago, Now that I have infant and keeping a 1 year old, on top of my four older kiddos. We have really had to go back to the basics, starting all over, full-on constant round the clock care that my older kiddos do not require anymore. Things are just completely different now, in a good way, but harder to get that FIT back!

Let me just <Insert Here> a note of self observation: Pregnancy changes SO much of your body it's absolutely insane! I KNOW it was bound to happen and everyone is affected completely different because every person, body, baby, and pregnancy are different! Myself, I gained a TON of water weight. I naturally retained water before I became pregnant, I was taking 25 mgs of prescribed water pills every day because my whole body just holds it in! Of course I had to stop taking them then you add pregnancy to the mix and BAM, I was a walking balloon from about 6 months on! I was HUGE at the end and the C-Section made me blow up even more from all the drugs! It was NOT pretty! But it wasn't just that it was the incarcerated hernia I got from the pregnancy that required more surgery 3 months post C-Section! That being said my abdomen went through a whole lot in a short period of time. Now I feel like it just looks so different now that its deflated and only reminds me of how much work I need to do! I lost all 50 pounds from Delivery to 4 months post baby. Last weigh in I was down almost 56 pounds total and I've been afraid to weigh in since! But I see changes in my body everything deflated my boobs (after 5 months breastfeeding) and my stomach but I can feel how much stronger I've become since finally being able to start exercising post hernia surgery! But over-all it's been a lot harder after all the "trauma" my body has endured! I am going to keep pushing and get where I need to be and TRY to not let the struggle be discouraging!

My weekly goals will alter depending on what I need to create new habits of and or stop old bad habits. I do not want to pile too much onto the plate at once because it's all about setting small goals and achieving them successfully before adding more. The baby steps turn into giant leaps over a good amount of time. I've done this before I'm doing it again!

Week One
-Protein Shakes Breakfast & Lunch
-Healthy Dinner
-1 Gallon Water Daily
-Walk every AM 2-4 miles

It's a great place to start getting back to fit! Until next time...


Friday, June 2, 2017

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for previously following me and keeping up with the fitness front! Its been nearly THREE years since I have posted! Can you believe it? No I have NOT fallin off the face of the earth, although, sometimes I wish I could! So lets get to it... Three years in a nutshell...and GO!

The move to the larger space close to the family, a total success! Not only did I get into a larger space but I pursued my college education along the way. All the while, I found myself in different situations which MADE me instead of breaking me! Let me tell you...some of those things really tried to break me! My first ever baby, my Chihuahua Armani ran away never to be seen again, after ten years of life with me. I truly believe he went off to die... :'(  To this day we will never know. My second ever baby, my Boston Terrier, had to be put down at 10 years old... January 15th, 2015. Yes, I took his passing very hard. He was there for me during my darkest hours post divorce and losing him nearly did me in. Of course my four amazing beautiful children who I love so much, yet drive me nuts, but who I love so much, gave me the strength I never thought I could muster. They truly are my reason for living!

Ummmm lets see... I dipped my toes in the dating pool from 2014 (post divorce) to fall of 2015. THEN this unexpected thing happened! Ready? OK! So I previously dated a few guys (nothing serious) and one of those led me to a complete LIFE changing man! This guy and I saw each other off and on for about a year. I kind of "had that feeling" he wasn't long term quality. (I should have listened) But to my surprise he played a key role in leading me to some very important events! I met my long term "Honey" at a mutual get together pretty early on the summer of 2015 while I was seeing this one guy. SOOOOO skipping over the boring part... me  and the guy didn't work out for obvious reasons blah blah blah... Then out of the blue I get a message from my long term honey who I had met months ago and never thought in a million years that brief introduction would be the start of something big and new! So fast forward to August and Honey chat long distance till October 2015 when we have discovered this spark we never knew existed! HELLO! So he moves back to Oklahoma Halloween that year and we begin the official relationship that is Current!

He took well to the kids, they took well to him...and we fell into this thing called L.O.V.E! Right! While he was working... and I was working... and I was also working toward a degree... this eensy weensy eviction notice came! NOT REALLY... but to sum it up the owner of the house was MOVING back whether we were ready or not! So I decided to look into buying, you know four kids and all! Then Honey and I decided HEY lets do this! So we started looking together! It was ALL in my doing, BUT we snagged up a deal and I closed on a house... for ALL of us,  Honey, four kids, and myself! I close, we move in, and a month later.... I'M LATE! WHAT! Yes folks, the one here who adopted 4 kids and was done having children is now expecting! *Crickets* Turns out I can have kids.... and girrrrrl... we are having a baby! Two positive pregnancy tests, confirmed blood work, and a successful little sonogram at 9 weeks, yes sireeee we are having a baby! So you know I decide, this school is too stressful to be working, raising 4 kids, and being pregnant first time!

SO lets scrap one! Ok, schools on HOLD now; continue working my hind end off and make THAT money! Eight months later...the greatest pregnancy one could ask for, more swelling and water retention than one likes... she's coming! Yes, that's right, I said SHE...another SHE! That makes 4 shes and one he! (all together not in utero) So I scramble to get my new house set up as follows: 2 older girls in one room, 2 younger girls one room (the 2nd younger girl being new babys room), and one boy in his own room! 2+2+1= 5. Yes Folks, I am now mommy to FIVE! CLAUDE HAVE MERCY! So, cheeks is born via C-Section and lots of recover time to follow! Seven weeks later (1 week before returning to work & lots of crunching and discussion) I turn in my resignation to be a what??? Stay At Home Mom! Yup, that is what I DO now, stay at home and raise five kids: a soon to be 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 11 year old, and NOW an infant! Honey has been SO stinkin supportive of everything, my pregnancy, my delivery, and now...everything! I just couldn't have asked for a better man to be by my side during it all- especially in the OR for the C-Section! He made me feel so supported in my absolute most vulnerable time of my life! Let me just say, I really enjoyed every single bit of the aches, pains, emotions, and love of pregnancy, the birth, and the months leading to current! Speaking of...lets fast forward to the NOW!

So I am no longer working and staying home to raise all my children. I hated every experience I had with daycare and how it affected my kids! So I originally decided to do in-home care upon returning to work. But I have watched "someone else" raise the only other infant I had and all 3 of my other kids! I DISPISED that whole concept so I knew that no matter what this HAD to work! I want to raise the only child I've ever bared and birthed! I would have raised my adopted kids too but the option was not on the table, period! SO here we are, I am finally taking role of mother, sole person to raise my kids and let me tell you what I LOVE it and HATE it! Yes you hear me right! I love being there for my kids and over-seeing everything all day every day. Making sure they are on task regardless of the task and there to teach, correct. and enjoy! I love teaching my new little cheeks language and watching her achieve all her firsts and really cherish this infancy like I never got with L!

Now to the hate, I hate waking up to the job everyday and going to bed to it...sometimes even middle of the night I get awakened to my job. I hate that I have had less than a hand full of times to MYSELF for 30 minutes to an hour since giving Birth in December of 2016. (But I still feel like regardless of my exhaustion I want to be the one doing it) I MOST of all hate how much pressure I put on myself and my perception of pressure from my Honey and everyone else. It's like I have certain expectations of everyone to be this glorious super mom that I am SO NOT! I  bust my ass every day but I can't guarantee as to whether or not it shows. Meaning: is the house spotless, no... is the dinner made for Honey when he gets home, the laundry done, no...did the kids complete all their chores, sometimes...Did I call/text back everyone that day, probably not...Did I make everyone happy, Nope...Did I kill myself accomplishing what I did accomplish, YES!

So there you have it! I wake up to 5 kids asking/crying/needing fed and the day basically stays that way all day with the exception of "those beautiful moments." I have to set the baby down for 5-10 minutes to take a shower at the END of they day... so I normally get a nice hot shower to a screaming baby for 5-10 minutes, did I get to shave? Hell No! Then I get to repeat myself "98770774" times all day up to bed time for all the older kids. The "good nights" get drawn out way longer than they should just because the kids don't want to go to bed. I then get to feed and soothe a baby to sleep and pray to GOD I can set her down long enough for me to finish up getting ready for bed and or take an hour to enjoy the silence before my eyes shut involuntarily.

There you have it folks, nearly 3 years summed up in 6 paragraphs. Please do not misunderstand I realize life as it is now is only a phase and it will change, and despite the long days I will one day miss all of this.  For all of the good and bad; I am grateful for all the blessings of my children and the opportunity I have to do this now! One day I will want them small again and back to how it is... just as we all do when we become a parent. I remind myself of that when the going gets tough, so I try to just breathe through the hard times and get as many hugs, kisses and small great moments I can that I will never forget! With that being said, this is still going to be a blog about fitness (lord knows over 50 pounds lost of baby weight, I still need to get back to FIT) however, now it's going to be about mothering, and the ins and outs of my exciting new life that has changed forever: SAH-Motherhood, raising FIVE little people, and of course getting back to FIT ! Cheers, until next time!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tis The Fall Season

Tis the season of Fall! My entries have been far few and in-between. As I've mentioned before life's extremely busy in this household,single
Momma and 4 kids. There's never a dull moment for sure. Then to put icing on the cake were moving! Yes that's right, moving right smack in the middle of the year. It was a wonderful opportunity that I could not resist. More space,save on money, and closer to reality!

Currently were residing in a small town to what seems to be "the other side of the world." But that my friends soon will be a thing of the past. My girls will get to spread out in bedroom sharing-which they so desperately need as they grow bigger. Most importantly we'll be so much more close to my family. My family has done so much for me I can not even begin to express my gratitude in words. However being closer to all of them is the best part about this move. Life is just too short and I need my family right now as they need me. Finally
I will be close and able to be apart of a more regular routine visiting and so fourth.

As for the fitness front. Life's been pretty hectic with moving and along that a very big change. Cleaning through, packing, and organizing an entire life I had built here with my ex. A lot to sift through, throw out, and pack away. This has allowed me to really decide what's worth keeping and what worth donating or trash. I will feel a million times more organized once my kids and I say good bye to this house we used to call home and hello to being home again with my kids in our new house! A fresh new start and it's been much needed over this last year now!

I continue to work my booty off at the gym as I've kept a regular routine but fallin behind in my regular cooking. This will all be much more under control once were settled in the new house. Along with all this has accompanied stress amongst other things/people that add to that unnecessarily! I've finally reached a point I put my hands up and say I'm DONE! Either your on board some how or your off! Time to pick I can only do so much as one person!

Provided I had less stress working against me I could be a farther along but I think I'm holding it together fairly well... Here's a photo snapped a few days ago:


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Risk Everything

To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. -unknown

Over the last half of a year so so much has happened and so so much has changed. I've hit the lowest I've ever hit and it seems I've blindly found my way up from the mud and the muck...  Life is different and life has changed. Change is good most of the time. I'm digging deep for the faith I need in knowing everything will be ok... God doesn't bring people into our lives or present us with possibilities unless there's a purpose for it. I know it's hard for us to find purpose in many things in life. I've been working on that faith in knowing there is a purpose for everything whether I understand it now or not..

One thing I am certain there are some beautiful changes on the horizon. All that can be done now is to wait and see that what's meant to be is everything one can hope for in this life... Happiness peace and love!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014

Happy New Year! It's 2014 a new year with an open road to new possibilities! Reflecting back over 2013 it was defiantly a year of change in many ways and self discovery. There were good times and very dark times.  December was an extremely difficult month in my life.  But I got through...somehow and here we are January, month ONE of this year!  

The last month mostly I have felt like giving up on my dieting and exercising. The quote above stood out to me because I picked myself up when I thought I couldn't do it anymore and took myself to the gym.  An endorphin high is the BEST thing one can do for themselves, mind, body, and soul! 

About two weeks ago I decided to try and lose 10 more pounds. The motivation on a daily basis just hasn't been there.  So many things happening around me I just didn't stick to it. I can feel myself slowing coming up above the surface back to where my motivation lies. 

One of the things I've contemplated is change in my surroundings.  I need new surroundings so that it represents the new in my life and the new me that is here. I canceled my membership at the Y and opened a membership at the 10-Gym.  It's cheaper, the hours 24/5 (much more flexible), they offer tanning and various classes I'm excited to try out!  Most of all it's the change of my surroundings. 

Today I have an appointment with a personal trainer to have an hour session.  See where I stand and talk about a fitness plan that I need for my fitness goals.  I made the weight-loss happen and I've got the structure I need to continue forward in my fitness goals.  I just need a little help on toning and sculpting so my final body and health goals can be met this year!  2013 Was a huge success and 2014 will be just as amazing!  


Sunday, December 8, 2013

How Long Has It Been????

It's been nearly a month since I last posted.  I've been adjusting to life with all it's changes I've experienced lately.  Mostly these days I am constantly wrapped up with my babies or family now that the holidays have arrived! 

Due to my extremely busy life these day my entire work out schedule has been thrown off. BUT that is perfectly okay!  I wouldn't have it any other way; I absolutely love my children!!!!  We all made a journey through the ice this last Saturday to the gym.  My kids got to play and do some activities there at the Y and I got to get an amazing work out in!  It was a win/win!  I've been weighing but not recording.  My weight has fluctuated from the 159 mark up to 165 and gone up and down between that range.

I always seem to find something outside around my house to do that replaces my gym work out.  This last week we got some major snow and ice.  There was about a centimeter of ice laid perfectly under the 4-6 or more inches of powder snow on top! So I played with out kids outside on Friday after the sun came out then shoveled on side of my drive way.  Bear in mind I do not have a snow shovel I used a good heavy dirt shovel because it's all I had to work with at the house.  I am pretty sure I strained my back muscles on the right side of my back. I can feel every muscle in my back no matter how I move it HURTS, my shoulders, booty, and legs are the same way, Booty and Back are the worst!  So using an extremely heavy shovel and working for over an hour doing that I got a pretty good sweat on despite the freezing cold!  Saturday was a normal work out and today I have SLEPT and done nothing but lye around!  The only perk to have one day a weekend my kids are with their dad! I still miss them like crazy and looking forward to getting home to them but the rest was needed! 

Clothes sizes are all the same,toning hasn't really been worked on due to being SO busy! I think once we get through the up and down of the weather and the holidays things will smooth out. This time of year everyone's schedules are thrown off!  The one consistent part of my challenge is sticking to my Visalus Shakes!  They are a LIFE savor!  I would really be in a bad position if I didn't have my shakes everyday to keep my nutrition up and my healthy diet on track!  

I can't stress enough how amazing these shakes are when you have goals for health and nutrition whether to maintain, lose weight, or become fit. I'm no longer losing and they are absolutely perfect for maintaining! The new year is around the corner and everyone's already started thinking about their 2014 New Years Resolution Goals.  One popular goal is weight-loss and health if this is your goal Visalus is worth a shot!  It has a 90 day money back guarantee! After a complete transformation over this year myself I strongly encourage you to take the challenge and see how Visalus can transform your life; health and body!