Monday, May 27, 2013

A Long Term Lifestyle Change

Happy Memorial Day to everyone out there!  I want to first start out with showing my gratitude and appreciation to all our Veterans who have served and died serving, All our Veterans who have lived to share their experience fighting for our freedoms, All our active duty military who are in the midst of battle right now, as well as those whom are in training to become active military!  Thank you so much for fighting for my family and my freedom!!!

This has been an excellent week on the fitness front!!!  As I mentioned yesterday I wanted to wait for today's weigh in before I logged this weeks totals: 
Week Ending 5/27/13: -1.6 pounds this week
Grand Total Loss as of 5/27/13: -46.4 pounds
Pounds left to lose: -50 to -55 pounds to my final weight loss goal!!!

I reviewed my blog where I listed out the pounds I aimed to lose by certain dates/milestone I set for myself. I have exceeded my first long term goal as of 5/27/13 by -6.4 pounds!!! Click Here to view my goals: Long Term Goals

As the heaviest of my weight has dropped the weight is coming off slower.  This is normal and normal is good!  I'm not LOSING WEIGHT I'm PERMANENTLY GETTING RID OF THE WEIGHT!!! The only way you can get rid of it VS lose it is to completely turn around your lifestyle and that's exactly what I've done and have made a lifetime commitment of doing! 

Of course I will not deprive my children of the famous McDonald's or fried foods which they can eat in moderation while their metabolisms remain active as they grow up.  However my lifetime commitment is not only for myself but for my family.  When I cook or make meals I aim to make it healthy for everyone.  I want my kids to enjoy the small things in life like popcorn night or an ice cream on a hot summer day or a happy meal every once in a while.  For the most part I want them to understand how important it is to be active and involved in sports.  Not only for their own health but so they can find their passion whether it is soccer, basketball, football, softball, swimming, dancing, gymnastics... the list is endless!  


  1. those are great habits to instill in kids! we have worked hard to make sure the majority of Brad's diet is healthy since he was a baby and it has paid off! he eats things some adults don't even eat. strangers are constantly amazed that a 3 year old is eating his veggies and drinking water at a restaurant. good for you!

  2. Well done, another great weigh day for you :) your half way there :) and you will get there