Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week-Ending Updates #1

As of a few short hours after my FIRST post our hard drive on our lap top crashed. Currently we are with no computer access in our home aside from my husband and my iPhones, my kindle fire, and my husbands work iPad. So I'm writing from my phone today; please excuse any misspellings. 

Updates from the last week have been altered due to the scale at the gym is broken.  It's one of those old dial scales and I noticed no fluctuation  in my weight.  So I stopped at Walmart Thursday last week the 7th of February and picked up a new digital scale.  I weighed myself that evening; which was a significant difference. Therefore I called my dr office Friday morning and verified my weight as of November last year during my last visit.  I weighed 237 as of November and I KNOW I gained some over the holidays so my true starting weight is unknown.  My journey will begin using the weight from November. 

As of today I've used half of my 1st months supply of Body by Vi shake mix.  I started working out and completely cut any bad foods January 17th.  I ordered my Vi Shape Kit and calorie counted while working out 6 days a week until my Vi shakes arrived.  They arrived Friday January 26th and started replacing breakfast and lunches with Vi shakes January 27th, 2013. I count all calories and track it on MyFittnessPal application.  I keep record of all my gym work outs and water intake so I know I'm staying under my projected calories per day to lose weight. You can follow me my user name is "MJG8506" 

In taking the Body by Vi challenge I anticipate losing 2.5 lbs a week.  My anticipated weight lose  at 90 days from starting the challenge is: -36.64 lbs projected weight: 200.36 lbs as of April 25th, 2013

As of today exactly 16 days into my 90 day fitness challenge using Body by Vi I've lost 10.2 LBS my current weight as of Sunday the 10th I now weigh 226.8.  I've set 3 primary long term goals as follows:

Goal #1: June 1st, 2013
Lose: 40 lbs at -2.5 lbs a week
Projected Weight: 186.8 lbs 

Lose: 37.5 lbs at -2.5 lbs a week
Projected Weight: 149.3

Lose Between 10-20 final pounds
Projected Weight 130-140 lbs

According to my height being a small to medium framed woman (originally) I should weight between 132-156.  So I've set my goal toward the 130 mark to leave plenty of room for weight fluctuation. I can already see a huge difference in how I feel by eating much healthier, switching cold turkey off regular sodas and into diet sodas and working out. 

There are some days I feel like the resistance I set the elliptical too is much heavier than it really is... Like I'm dragging 100lb weights at my ankles but I push through it and work out at a high intensity no matter what.  After I'm done working out I feel so euphoric.  It's that tired like I've just done something fantastic... The euphoric feeling I always had after dancing and swimming.  It makes my over all being body and spirit feel so great!  I feel like even though my goal is to lose the weight I've found myself again.  The part of me that focused on exerting energy in such a positive way. 

I look forward to meeting my 90 day challenge goal... And my long term goals ahead.  The 1st goal is a week in a half before I stand up with my sister as her matron of honor in her wedding. My 2nd goal is right before my husbands 28th birthday.  My final weightless goal is right before my husband and my 7th wedding anniversary! The greatest gift I can give my husband is the new me body and spirit. 

I look forward to turning my life around in a way that will make a positive impact as a wife and a mother. I have 3 small girls who need a great role model for physical fitness.  Which is my big reason for choosing the YMCA gym.  They can be apart of physical activities, strength  classes, and sports. My oldest Desiree is starting the child Yoga class here very soon and both the older kids love their tyquondo class as well as swimming in the pool as a family.  So much to look forward to this year!!!! 


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