Saturday, February 23, 2013

Approaching the One Month Mark

Here I sit today posting just a few short days until my 1 month mark.  I started the Vi Challenge on January 26th...The 26th of February is a short 3 days away!!!  I am not weighing in on the 26th necessarily... I will Weigh in at the end of the work week before I leave for Colorado.  I want a full weeks work out under my belt before my weekly meeting with the scale.  However I am stoked to find out the grand total weight loss after one full month of replacing Breakfast and lunch with Vi Shakes. 

So far it's been so much easier than I anticipated.  I really love food, especially breakfast food and really bad foods which are oh so good.  There have been about a handful of times when my husband is cooking bacon for the kids my mouth has watered and I considered 1 piece.  I learned after those times I'm much stronger now than I used to be.  I am glad to report I DID NOT cheat and I DID NOT eat any bacon!!!  I know there are thousands of ways to "cut back" or "eat healthier lighter" portions.  For myself these shakes have been a life savor because their just so easy and thoughtless.  I get the full satisfaction I need and snack on nuts in between shakes.  I feel like I've eaten when really I have not.  I have developed a good habit of taking my multi-vitamin every day with out missing along with my water pills.  I feel energized and better all the way around.  By the time dinner comes I'm so excited to eat!  I know exactly how many calories are in my main "go to" week-night meals. Its a click of a button on my iPhone to count the calories for anything such as a restaurant.  I can tell my stomach as shrunk because I get fuller faster and stay full!  The only downside to the VI shakes is not only is it replacing my meals and helping keep better track of my calorie/protein intake; its cleansing my system STILL!  Sometimes not so pleasant but I can tell its detoxing my system and filling it with the proper amounts of nutrients needed. 

As for last weeks weigh-in I lost 1.5 pounds.  I had pizza with my family twice last week for dinner.  Although I can't complain because I still lost!  As for this week I've put my foot down; no fast food with the family but planned out chicken meals all week and stew the last two days for my dinners.  I eat a fresh homemade salad with all my meals with homemade ranch dressing-its so delicious!  Also, I am not going to do any strength exercises over the next month.  I did for about the last two weeks. For the next 4 weeks I'm focusing strictly on cardio to help shed the pounds.  Then in my 3rd month I'll add small amounts of strength exercises to my cardio work outs for sculpting. 

As I previously mentioned I used to lifeguard and swim A LOT!  We didn't have a swim team at my school so I never had that option as a teenager.  Although I still have such a passion for swimming!  I love it, I'm good at it, and it makes me feel so great!  So I purchased my new swim goggles and got reacquainted with the swimming lanes!  It was HARD at first.  I was able to tell just out of shape I really am.  So I took it slow and easy the first time-struggled getting the breathing down...But the second time on it's been so invigorating while I'm swimming and afterwards.  I have my breathing back down so off I go!  So far the longest I have swam is 1000 meters.  The length of the pool is 25 meters one way.  So down and back is 50 meters... To get to 500 meters I swim 10 laps (down and back as 1 lap) to get to 1000 I swim 20 laps (down and back as  lap)  Now that I am back in my groove I'm swimming and working out on the elliptical in one work out session.  For example on average I will swim between 500-1000 meters (depending on the pool schedule) then use the elliptical for 50-65 minutes high intensity. On average I'm burning 1,020ish-1,200+) calories a work out.  Needless to say I'm pretty darn sore. 

As for this weeks results: Lost 2.2 lbs this week bringing my total correct weight loss to -14lbs!  Next week I'll do my weekly/monthly count on weight loss and report those results!  It's so hard to believe I've made it through 1 out of 3 months of my 1st challenge!  My motivation is on high and I have a lot of uplifting family members and friends who are encouraging me on on a daily basis!  I couldn't do this with out their support.  Most of all my husband has been my biggest fan.  He has complimented me every day, asked how my work out and shakes are going, and always tells me what a wonderful job I'm doing! I am truly blessed and count my sweet blessings each day! 


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