Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Almost Blizzard" Blues

After having such a successful week last week and pretty much the entire month before, it's been smooth sailing with my routine.  Keep in mind just how hard I am on myself I feel like my whole weeks been out of wack and its only Tuesday!  Due to our "almost blizzard" yesterday my gym closed at 4pm and that's when I get off work! So I missed my normal Monday evening work out routine all for some rain!  This girl here-not happy! 

Only one day you say?  Nope I have today, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday left for this week!  Friday I'm leaving for Colorado to visit my brother so Saturdays work out is off too.  I'm not complaining about my trip however I have more pressure this week since I'm weighing a day early. This week is my final weight for my first month in my challenge.  

I know, I know... It's not THAT big of a deal.  However as I mentioned the shakes are helping with my food routine... The same goes for my gym routine.  It keeps me occupied and busy so I don't think about food or vegging out after a long day at work. So I ate more than normal yesterday but still kept my calories down.  So I'm ready to go and get my sweat on today!!  I'm still aiming for good weight loss results for the end of this week/month! Wish me luck! 


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