Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Results 30 Days Down

It's been a busy week last week and my calendar is still full!  I did not have a chance to weigh my final weight so I will have to end my 1st months weight loss at -14#'s!  I did grab my before picture taken around January 8th before I started dieting and exercising and put it side by side with a picture that was taken on my Denver, CO trip.  You can defiantly see the difference 14 pounds makes!  

I feel much better and more energized.  Although the change in the higher elevation in Denver made me feel really out of shape walking around in the mountains.  I felt as though I'd started exercising all over again from the beginning!  However yesterday back in the gym after returning home I felt my energy/respiratory stamina had greatly increased! I was seriously gettin a great work out!  

Since I don't have numbers to post this time around ill tally in my last as my final first 30 days of my first 90 day challenge.

30 days Vi Shakes/Working Out
January 2013 to March 1st 2013

Here is my before and after picture to date:


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