Thursday, March 7, 2013


I am pleased to announce more progress of my weight loss journey.  Despite the bad bad food I had in moderation this last weekend on vacation; I am down -2.2#'s more!! Woo hoo!  It feels so great to see the numbers on my scale go down! I'm aiming for more... Here goes!

As for my work out sessions, their going fabulous as ever!  I am the proud new owner of a swimming watch.  My watch can: tell time, time my swimming, and track my laps while swimming! #Score!!!  On the downside I have to report; I've been having bad abdominal pain while working out on the Elliptical... I have read and read on it.  I'm not over watering myself before working out.  This does not occur while swimming. I'm not eating until after work outs; so I tried a small little bite to add nourishment and a break in between swimming and running.  However same results still pain and it HURTS!  It goes on until a few hours after my work out is complete and then it's gone the next day completely... Until work out time.  So between advise from my Uncle who also works out regularly and my dear friend google.  I'm being told this is common especially as I continuously intensify my work outs. Also when you work your abs as I do swimming and running on the Elliptical; they tear and will cause pain.  Apparently it's common in runners.  So during your rest down time your muscles repair themselves (with in 24 hrs) and are stronger each time!  So it sounds like its normal so far.  However I will monitor it closely and if I start having pain while not working out I will be seeing my doctor!  


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