Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Woman Fighting Like a Man in Weightloss War

As I previously mentioned several posts back my computer died.  Well my amazing superman of a Husband fixed it!  Yep, he's the best!  Basically he took out the crashed hard drive and purchased a new one for this particular Lap top and set it all up... WA-LA!  This lady here is pretty excited to finally be able to post with out squinting my eyes on my tiny little phone to blog!

Anyhow moving on...  Let's start with the last 3 weeks maybe 4 going back.  My weekends have consisted of traveling and family events.  Enough to get me off my STRICT Vi Shake diet.  I had them for my breakfasts and lunches when I was able to make them.  Although my vacation to Denver was a NO shake weekend.  The airlines probably wouldn't have appreciated my bringing a large mixer on the airplane with a large spinney blade in it LOL so I opted normal food that weekend.  The next weekend I had previously made plans ahead of time to accompany my sister and her mother in law to this amazing Wine Vineyard in Anadarko, OK.  Way far from home for me and the whole point was of course wine tasting and lunch with the girls.  Despite the fact I chose healthy and moderated how much wine... it was just enough to go with the (no exercising) bit to throw my body off.  Sunday I was on the shakes but no sitter for my kids for me to go sweat it all out.  SO this last weekend came and we went on a little trip some place nice... I can't exactly talk details such as why, where, and who.  A family secret, yes!  Don't we all have them *wink  I am excited to report although the interruption I had one good visit to the gym and line danced for 2 hours in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  I have to say...It was the BEST weekend ever!!

So we are now currently up to this week.  As I mentioned I had 3-4 weeks where my schedule was just NOT working out like I like.  So I hit a plateau on the weight loss.  Never fear my focus was there; I kept pushing through that time period with every opportunity to be on my normal diet and exercise like normal when possible.  So I am please to share I made it through my first weight-loss plateau!  Let me break it down for you...

  • Last weigh in recorded down 220.8
  • Over the last 2 weeks (or so) 4# gain = total 224.8
  • As of Wednesday last week lost 2#'s of gained weight = 222.8
  • As of Friday Last week Lost additional 2#'s = 220.8 (original lowest weight from last recorded)
  • As of Last Night Lost 0.8 #'s = 220#'s
  • As of this morning Weight Loss -1.4#'s = current weight 218.6!!

That brings me to my lowest so far!  Grand total weight loss to date: 18.4#!!!  There for a while I was really feeling awful and pushed myself despite the plateau.  I kept going and kept pushing and I've finally made it over the first hump so to speak.  I imagine there will be quite a few periods like that during my journey.  I say BRING EM' ON Suckas!!  I'm gonna fight this fight to the death!

As for visual changes I DO Notice so much already.  My front spare tire is shrinking and already much smaller!  My back in shaping up, waste is coming in on the right places, booty and legs are becoming more toned!  My boobs are getting smaller (not small enough for me yet LOL)  My arms are shaping up and my face looks skinner.  I had gained weight to the heaviest I've ever been which caused my size 18 dress pants and jeans to be uncomfortably snug forcing me to buy dress pants in 20's!  AWFUL!  I've never exceeded an 18 in my life!  I am pleased to announce the 20's fall right off of me now.  I was noticing my 18's fit like they were supposed to then today I realized their getting too big on me.  I can still wear them.  I'd say I'm stuck in between 16-18 dress size for now.  But I have my 16's hung up crisp and ready to put on!  I'll be even more excited when I get down to a 10!  I have jeans I've been holding onto for that moment! I am hoping in about -18.4 pounds I loose I'll have my 16's on!  One last thing to add; I am the Matron of Honor for my baby sisters wedding in June.  My dress that I ordered in January "18" was extremely snug.  It came in this last Monday.  When I tried it on my whole top half was swimming in it!  Essentially I am waiting to the very last minute I can to get it altered.  I'm hoping they'll just get me a size 16 (or better) by then!  *fingers crossed*  I will be weighing in Saturday morning and praying I will have even more of a loss to report! I did meet my next work out goal...I made it to running 6 miles in 65 minutes today!  It was completely invigorating!


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