Saturday, March 23, 2013

"All I Do Is Win Win Win No Matter What!"

Despite the gloomy cold day it got off to a great start!  I woke up and almost forgot to weigh in; I was THAT tired!  But I remembered right before I started to make my shake.  I ran my rear back to my bathroom, shed all my garments, and stepped on the scale... -2 additional pounds!!!  Not only did I lose 2 pounds by this mornings weigh in... That is 2 additional pounds from my 0.8 loss yesterday morning; after my last post.  Since my last post I've lost 2.8 pounds total bringing my GRAND TOTAL weight loss to 21.2 pounds!  


I got a super late start to the day today.  After work yesterday I went to the gym and got a long good work out in.  I swam 1000 meters in 30 minutes!  Then headed off to the gym to run on the elliptical for 50 minutes for close to 4.50 miles.  Afterwards I showered and dressed at the gym and headed out to visit one of my besties and her precious bundle!  We were up till nearly 5am talking, hanging out, and getting me some baby time.  So I didn't get to sleep till the wee hours of the morning today.  I slept in till 11am (6 hours of sleep) before my precious loves playing noises woke me out of a good sleep!  I drug Myself out of bed and to the blender, weighed, and now I'm letting my breakfast shake settle before heading off to the gym.  After seeing my weight as 215.8 on the scale it was like a double shot from the coffee shop of energy!  So I'm ready to go and ready to get those numbers down even more!  I'm now 15.8 pounds away of meeting my first 90 day challenge goal weight!  I can do this, yes!!! 


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