Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Funday

It's Sunday!  Although I am already mourning the loss of my weekend to the work week ahead...  It's been a productive day and restful in some ways.  I was reading different weight loss blogs a few minutes ago.  Trying to find other people out there rocking in the same boat.  I found one blog that had the link to making a avitar model of your body where you can see a computer generated version of your weight loss.  I am apart of a facebook group that linked this up once before; however I've not had time till now to check it out. This is the model from my heaviest weight (on the left) to my current weight (on the right)  This shows an idea of how my body has changed so far -21.2 pounds.

 photo b7ee45a1-79f3-430d-8b7b-2c77177b8c33_zps94bc1f37.jpg

This of course does not have all the exact areas of my body/shape exactly.  I am much taller than this model appears, yes I put in my height. It could be my torso is longer than this model and my legs are longer than this model.  Take this model and stretch it up in the torso and down in the legs and that's probably more accurate.  Just from looking myself over in my birthday suit (by myself of course) I can see where my problem areas have gotten so much better and the changes in my body are visually noticeable all over really.   The only thing is my boobs aren't getting smaller fast enough for me.  But as I have previously mentioned I gained the most weight then I have ever gained in my entire life!  Of course it's going to take a little longer and more work to get to the final goal.  If you would like to make your own model check it out Here you'll get a kick out of it.  It's fun to mess around with and will be interesting to see throughout my weight-loss journey. 


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  1. good for you! i know losing weight is hard--no matter who you are! keep up the good work and soon you will where you want to be and where your body is the most healthy.