Saturday, April 6, 2013

2nd Month Final Weight

It's time once again to record my final weight loss for the 2nd month of VI Shakes.  As I previously mentioned I got about a week in a half to 2 weeks worth of days behind during alll my traveling etc.. So I waited until I finished my 2nd month supply of shakes.  4 days ago I used up the last of my 2nd month of shake mix.  So I weighed through out the last 4 days to watch the scale go down.  As of today my official weigh day for the week and end of the 2nd month I am at a total loss of -29.6 #'s!!! 

As of today I am only 7.4 #'s away from meeting my first 90 day challenge goal!  I know I can do this and I will do this!  Each day that passes I feel more and more motivated to meet my final goal!  Seeing the numbers drop is motivation in itself.  Although, the biggest motivation is seeing my body shrink right before my very own eyes!  I can't believe how long my torso on my body looks now!  It's amazing at how being healthy can change so much not only about how you look but how you feel.  

I feel so good in my own body again and I've not felt that way in a long time. I'm catching eyes at the gym which is pretty awesome!  When your old and married like myself; its very refreshing to get reactions from people the way I once did!  I haven't had time to get an updated pic but thats on my to do list for this weekend.  So I'll post my pic updated within the next week!  


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