Sunday, April 14, 2013

All We Got is Right Now!

It's been a week already?  Geez it feels like the week drug on and the weekend went by at super sonic speed!  WHHYY??  This weekend I did something I never do... I took BOTH Saturday and Sunday off from the gym!  WHHHAAAT!  I know not me at ALL!  Since my last post I have been in excruciating pain!  my body hurts head to toe.  On top of that I started working abs this week. It felt as though someone punched me in the stomach repeatedly.  Can we say OUUCH!  I pushed through and towards the end of the week started to ease up a little or I was gonna crash to the floor.  After smearing my body in Ice and Hot all week, hot showers, the heating pad, then took two days of rest; I'm finally feeling completely normal again.  So I am geared up and ready to hit the ground running tomorrow at the gym!  

With NO Pain theres NO Gain...since I pushed through all the pain I "gained a nice loss!" This week ending I am down -4.2 more pounds total.  This puts me at a total weight loss of -33.8 pounds so far!  It only 65.2 pound more to lose before I meet my long term goal!  To say its been easy so far would be a lie.  There's nothing easy about losing weight.  The shakes I eat continuously keep my system detoxed.  The exercises feel so good but can cause so much pain afterwards.  This last week I crashed hard every single night.  Being a busy mom of 4 small children I am constantly going from sun up to sun down.  So as you can imagine my body gets very worn out.  It is all so worth the work and all the yuckies along the way.  I was never able to get pregnant due to male factor infertility so I have never experienced a major body change within a certain period of time similar to a women in her 9 mo pregnancy.  This body change within this time frame I've set for myself is the most change my body has dealt with like that. Pregnancy seems like such a beautiful thing (which it is don't get me wrong) But like the horror stories of things a pregnant woman endure that arent' so pretty... There's that same element of not so pretty things a person losing a lot of weight endures. I will be so glad to look back on this one day and say, "I did it!!!"  

I promised pics last week which aren't exact to my weekend ending loss.  I did the picture in the middle of the week but never the less the progress is definite!  Here tis':

 photo 327bcd50-ba18-4613-a350-09d791962003_zps352dced3.jpg



  1. A fantastic loss, and you were right to take a few rest days, you'll be all the better and ready for this week now... Keep going, your doing great xx