Sunday, February 3, 2013


As my first official post logging my personal journey through weight-loss and living a healthy life-style.  I'm Meredith, a proud wife of 6 years and blessed mother of 3 precious daughters and a loving son.  Growing up I was always the TALL SKINNY girl.  At the time I always could find a flaw.  Looking back I was a healthy young woman who was active and in good shape.  I danced jazz, tap, and ballet from 2nd grade until I was 15.  I danced for the last time in 9th grade.  My sophomore year my priorities changed.  As any 16 year old I wanted a car to drive.  In order to have that I had to work.  So I got my first part time job as a lifeguard.  I guarded from age 16 to 19 and LOVED it!  I could swim during every shift and of course we had continuous training and endurance requirements to keep up.  Needless to say I swam the 500 meter at least once every day.

Then it was time to get a real job to support myself living on my own.  So I got a "real job" which is code for an office job where I sat all day.  My daily activity went from eating anything in the world and swimming every day; to not changing my eating habits and sitting every day.  After work I'd be so mentally drained I'd be home do normal house work and sit the rest of the evening before bed.  My metabolism Slowed way down from 20 on...

I met my husband right after I turned 21 which was January of 2006 then married December of 2006.  From that point on "marriage" happened.  My weight would be up and down.  I'd go through spurts of loosing some here gaining it back there.  Then more weight then loosing then gaining and so on... A very vicious cycle.  We were placed with our children for foster to adopt in 2010; first our son who was 18 months; then our youngest daughter was born June of 2010.  I worked at the ER at the time so I had a very active life happening at work and at home.  Then 2011 I changed back to the office setting and we got our two older girls.  We found our pace with our new found family of 6 plus working so we got "comfortable" then the weight came back.

Our journey through infertility up to finalizing our adoption July of 2012 was a very emotional time for us.  I know now I leaned on food as a crutch in times of uncertainties and it brought me to the heaviest I've ever been in my life.  I see clearly now that all the dust has settled for us in our life I don't have that desire for the "food crutch."  I can see I need to live every day healthy in my eating and activities.  I have a husband and 4 small kids who depend on me.

Recently I learned the medical history of BOTH my parents side and had a harsh wake up call to my own health.  I want to live a long healthy and active life where I can keep up with my kids through out their childhood and keep up with my grandchildren one day.  So this year I have committed to changing my life-style completely.  I have taken the 90 day Vasilis Body by Vi challenge which I included working out 6 days a week no matter what!  I have the "Shape kit" for losing weight.  Once I hit my usual plato I am upgrading to the Transformation kit to get over that hump so I can shed the pounds and get back to my "normal" size.

Progress so far...

  • Gym for two weeks with only 2 days off 
  • Just Cardio the 1st week--Lost 10 pounds
  • Added strength plus cardio and started Vi Shakes 2nd week--Lost an additional 4 pounds
  • Breakfast and lunch are VI Shakes dinner meal with family (healthy portions plus fresh salads)
  • 2 weeks NO regular sodas switched cold turkey to diet Dr. pepper and diet cokes only for sodas
  • consuming 9-14 cups of water each day plus a daily multi-vitamin
  • total pounds lost to date: 14 pounds
  • goal to lose 50-80 pounds over all total


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