Sunday, May 26, 2013

Very Sad...

I has been one hell of a week!!!  Oklahoma suffered many devastating events this last week...Sunday the 
 towns northeast of Oklahoma City where an EF5 Tornado started only 4 miles north of us and continued to rip apart anything, everything, and everyone in it's path.  Our news broadcasters stressed if people were NOT under ground or in a safe room they would NOT survive.  That same day a tornado hit Shawnee, Oklahoma injuring countless people and tore apart homes, businesses, and some of our interstates bridges.  Picked up vehicles and semis and dropped them on anything in it's path.  

Monday was the scariest day of my life... A tornado started SOUTH of us which is bad bad bad!  Tornado's travel North/North-East which we were in its deadly path.  Before the Tornado reached us it went straight through whats known as "Tornado Alley" Moore, Oklahoma.  It hit the entire town of Moore killing many children in an Elementary school and countless people in homes trapped, injured, or their lives were taken from them.  Many lost homes; families left with only the clothes on their backs.  It was worse than May 3rd, 1999 Tornado!

  My heart aches so much for all those babies, their parents, the people directly affected whether by bodily harm/death or loss of all their possessions. We are SO SO SO blessed the tornado lifted over our town and our neighboring town and went directly over us.  We took shelter underground; however my second trip to the car for our bags after throwing my kids in the cellar; I heard the scariest noise in my life!  Thunder from inside the tornado, snapping of lord knows what inside the tornado RIGHT OVER ME!  Debris fell from the sky; pieces of peoples homes insulation shreds of interior items fell from the sky. The worst part was the rawer of the tornado.  I've never been that close in my life.

  Thankfully no homes or cars fell out of the sky... We were so so blessed.  The only effects we felt of the tornado other than being horrified were tree limbs everywhere, power outages, flooding rain, hail, and hail damage to our roof and most everyone in our neighborhood has total damaged roofs.  Our homes and our lives were spared and for that I will truly be forever grateful!  My heart reaches out to all the towns, north, east and south of us.  We got a gift card for a family close to my husband who lost everything as well as clothes we no longer needed. Our community's has really pulled together and will help all those grieving families of lost loved ones. Plus all the donated time for clean up and rebuilding.  This is a Youtube Video of footage taken Click Here: EF5MooreOK

Despite all the sad sad sad events of the week... I do have positive updates on the weightloss front.  I do have some loss to share; although its a 3 day weekend. So I will tally up my final weight loss after I weigh in tomorrow morning and share...  Please keep my fellow Oklahomans in your thoughts and prayers!!!


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