Sunday, May 19, 2013

She Did Whhhhhhaaaat!

Its been a FANTASTIC week!!!  I was a little nervous the first half because my routine kept getting thrown off as far as getting my normal gym time in.  Although the end of the week I made a nice recovery.  Then I made my final weigh in for this week ending weight...

That makes a grand total loss for this week... -4 Pounds!!!  My second 90 day challenge total loss so far is:-6.8 pounds so far!  It's been slower going bu t I'm really toning up and becoming very limber in this weight loss process.  I expect the last 54.2 pounds will be MUCH slower moving.  I'm perfectly okay with it because once all of this weight is GONE its NOT coming back!  I'm done with all that weight business!!  My total loss so far is -44.8 pounds.

Also I made two big purchases this week reflecting my weight loss.  I went from a size 20 dress pant to size 16.  I continued to wear my 18's saggin and rolled up for as long as I could.  I had size 37 waste 36 length which was extremely tight!  I purchased a size,,, 33 waste of some seriously cute Silver jeans!!!  I wore them out for the first time last night and their already loose on me!!!  My husband was like YOUR GETTING A NEW BELT first!  hahahahaha!  This buying new clothes is starting to get expensive.  However I am trying to keep my wardrobe limited as the weight comes off so when I do purchase stuff I will really get it worn before I have to buy more!  Of course after I meet my goal weight you can guarantee I'm filling my closet full and I am so effing excited!!!

Now for the highlight of my week...
My husband and I threw my baby sister and brother-in-law to be their bachelor/bachelorette party.  They did kind of combine party.  My husband had all the guys over to our house for smoking meats, beer, guy talk, and down to the river to pop some bullets! All the while I was in charge of the ladies.  I booked a Vertical Vixen Party at Teaze Dance and Fitness where we also showered the bride with some hot lingere! 

It was most all the girls first time there with the exception of a few girls who had attended parties there.  We signed up for an hour in a half to do gifts and then to learn a lap/strip dance routine and some sexy pole dancing!  I tip my hat to show girls because we are all so so sore from our lap/pole dancing.  I actually purchased from Vicky Secrets a cute pair of Yoga shorts and totally rocked em out in my "new skin." We all learned to swing around the pole, slide down the pole, and do the fire man twirl around the pole to the floor.  Not gonna lie it was hard...although being a righty surprisingly the left side was much easier.  All of the ladies did a fantastic and really danced well!  We had some laughs and so so so so much fun.  After we got done dancing our instructor posed us for pictures.  I've defiantly turned a new leaf in my fitness because being able to keep up with all we did last night plus a night long of dancing at the Wormy Dog Saloon.  I am proud and feeling so motivated to hit the gym tomorrow!!!  I will be planning for regular classes at Teaze with my sister to learn some more and to get that amazing work out!!!

Thats all for this week!  After todays Tornado disaster here in Oklahoma I'm praying tomorrow doesn't end up like yesterday!  This girls got some ass to kick at the gym!!  No time for all that weather mess!!!


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