Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sore IS the New SeXy

The best feeling in the world is that moment when you feel your going to crash but you push harder.  Your pain changes almost instantly when your adrenaline gears up and for several moments your on this high...
This has been an amazing week in the gym and in the pool.

However the scale has only moved slightly this week.  Total loss this week -0.8 pounds.  Mother Nature decided to come visit this week so that I know is a huge contribution to the numbers on the scale!  I decided to kick mother nature to the curb completely so I started the Depo shot last month.  It's going to take 3-6 months to get ride of my monthly visits but it will be well worth the wait!  No more hormone fluctuations and no more interruptions to my weight loss... that's the plan anyway!
I know despite the numbers on the scale my body is still changing.  I have been really working my abs and today starts my 30 day ab challenge! 
Today is Mother's Day and all I have on my agenda is to keep my kids busy so I can get house hold work done, work out, cook, and get everyone ready for the week ahead!  A lot coming up this week and this next weekend!  
On the work out agenda for today...
Hip hop Abs, thighs, and butt and Hip Hop Cardio
Day 1 Ab Challenge routine
then... A Run Outside

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