Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Month Down

This last week I completed the first month of my 2nd 90 day Visalus Body by Vi Challenge!  As the most recent trends have been a much slower loss.  I've been teetering on trying to hit a weight loss plateau.  I haven't officially I'm still losing just smaller amounts at a time.  This last week I implemented some changes to kick start the weight loss such as.. Switching from 2% milk in my shakes to water (over this weekend) Starting tomorrow my shakes will be made using skim milk.  I cut back on one snack a day last week except for Friday when I really hit he gym hard and needed the extra energy to make it through the tough work out.  So tomorrow on my normal work out days I will only have two snacks a day which may or may not be bad.  I shake ALLLLL the time now and my doctor thinks I am Hypoglycemic....

  In the past eating subsided the shaking and light headed-ness/vertigo.  However I have noticed over the last 30 + days it doesn't matter if I eat a protein bar right before I work out and eat dinner right after.  I am STILL getting light headed and shaking/having vertigo like spells.  I've had a headache every single day for the last 3 weeks which out of that about every other day I'm full on migraine pain by the end of the day.  I've used far too much of my pain medicine because IB prophen just isn't cutting it.  I will be making an appointment with my PCP to have blood work up done and try to find out why I'm experiencing these symptoms while eating like I should.

As far as changes to my work out I have cut back on relying only on the elliptical as my main cardio work out.  I have expanded onto the more challenging machines and it's kickin my ass!  Real good!  The last time I changed up my work out I made it over the plateau and got back into the swing of losing sufficient weight and getting into shape at the same time.  I now climb stairs on the ergometer starts at the gym.  So far I've gone 30 minutes and 100 floors.  I will not even try to deny it; I nearly vomited towards the end.  I use the elliptical for a little bit; however I am now resorting to the treadmill.  One new discovering I made on some of our treadmills at the gym are: the new ones have BUILT IN FANS!  Yes that's right!  While your working your ass off sweating like a pig there is cold air blowing right on you; It's UH-Mazing!!!! Last but not least I am using the weights for my arms, inner and outer thighs.  From everything I have read to add weights to your routine every other day or so plus cardio.  By using different machines you get cardio but using a different motion/different muscles.  Therefore it throws your body off guard and walla! The weight starts shedding again!  Of course I work my abs now every day and I can already see some ton it the upper two sides of my stomach forming!  Now to see that in the mid to lower will be perfect!  

Last week I lost 0.8 pounds total this week I lost 0.6 pounds total bringing me to 1.4 pounds over two weeks.  Since I started my challenge at -38 #'s I am now down a total for the first month of my second challenge: -9.8 pounds.  That makes a grand total loss of -47.8 pounds!!! Here's some updated pics!!!


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  1. Well done on your loss to date, those pics are fab and inspiring :) your doing fab...
    its great that your mixing up the food and exercise to keep the weight loss coming..
    I'm about to try that myself so get me back on track.
    Great post xx