Monday, June 17, 2013

I Got the "Umph"

This last week was probably the longest week at work I think I've ever had!  However, the week passed and now my weekend has passed!  Everytime we get personal time to be with our families, to be home, or get somthing done the time flies by way too fast!  Once we go back to work time pratically stops.  The most annoying part in life for sure!  

My baby sister married her love and best friend this past Saturday!  I was her matron of honor and took care of all the pre-wedding celebrations.  All in which were a success and now that she and her husband are married; my matron duties have been lifted!  It was fun but boy howdy it was crazy at times for sure!  Aren't most all pre-weddings/weddings?  Her ceremony was absolutly stunning and all went well as we all hoped.  Everyone enjoyed the reception following the ceremony and got our boogie on!

As you may have guessed my diet went waaaaay down the drain as well as my normal gym/workouts.  I felt awful sooo awful but I got to enjoy some mexican food, some steak, pizza, annnnnd some delicious adult beverages!  Now all the fun and celebration has passed back on the Vi and Gym train!  Toot toot!!  :)

Despite all the non-normal past 3 or so days I still managed to lose this last week!  This week I am down -1.4 #'s bringing my second 90 day total loss to: -11.8 #'s running a grand total over all weight loss of -49.8 #'s!  Yes my friends only 0.8 more pounds to -50 and I will be half way there with -50 to go!  Now that the big day has come and gone for my sister the remainder of my second 90 day challenge should, for the most part, be interuption free!  

As I previously mentioned in my last post; I started the Ergometer/Stairs at the gym!  I broke a new record today and went 2 miles on the Ergometer in 32 minutes!  I was draaaaaaaging by the last 10 minutes and had to kick it down on the intensity to make it through the entire work out.  However tomorrow I will go strong 10, go easy 10, go strong 10, and go easy 10 bumping my stair climbing from 30-40 minutes.  By the way I feel I know my body is in the stage of shock from adding this work out to my regime. Which is precisly my intention; in order to suceed you gotta push harder every time!!!  My motivational quote up there felt fitting to my current gym challenge climbing stairs.  It is completely true... "The difference between Try and Triumph is UMPH!"  I got the umph and I'm ready to kick this challenge into high gears!  Who's with me?


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