Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weight loss frustrations

Lets start this off with WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAUS  SUCK!!!! My last post I was still dropping tiny amounts not quite stuck but I could feel it coming! The last two weeks yes TWO weeks I've maintained my weight but no loss! I thought "what the hell why not..." Stepped on the scale today and I've finally moved -0.8 pounds down! I'm -0.2 pounds away from an over all loss of 50 pounds. I know aunt flow visiting for 2-3 months straight didn't help at all! But I've been AF free now for 3 weeks no hormone fluctuations that I can tell I'm hoping the depo shot is finally working like it should (no periods) it will help tons in the weight loss department that's for sure! I'm not done logging for the week so as I write this I'm crossing my fingers for a GOOD over all weekly loss this week. We shall see...

I can not remember if I posted this part last time... I am officially down 5 pant sizes and I bought two pairs size 12/14 work out pants!!!! Woo hoo! As for my clothes I'm trying to hold out for size 12's before I go buy more pants for work and jeans. Those cost the most! So tucking rolling and belting will have to work for now! Despite the two weeks of no weight loss I have lost inches so that tells me I'm defiantly toning and building muscle! That's all for now! 


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  1. Hey Meredith, your doing FAB :) its normal for your body to plateau at some stage, but its great that your checking your measurements too, because your body is still changing and toning even when the numbers stop moving, so that should boost you to keep going..
    5 pants sizes.. AMAZING :)