Thursday, July 4, 2013


More results is defiantly my goal!  More visual, more physical, more on the scale, and more in my clothes!  I am getting there slowly but surely.  I did the math on how much I have lost in my second month of my current 90 day challenge so far and it's not a whole lot.  That weight loss plateau really threw me back.  BUT...BUT...I am seeing the results in how I feel, how I look, how my clothes fit me, and how much farther I can push myself while working out.  My scale is finally liking me again and I am STILL losing this week!  I won't get ahead of myself and start posting results.  I'll be good and wait for the end of the week total results before I share. 
I will admit, my scale hating me for two weeks really brought me down.  Don't misunderstand I did not let it steer me off track...too much!  LOL  I had one piece of cake on my daughters birthday and one piece at her party.  I had pizza a week in a half ago and I even had a McDonald French Fry and some adult beverages!  Ohhhhhhhhh No she didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh but yes I did!  I let myself have a pity party a few times and I will admit they were delightful treats at the time.  However I have stayed on my VI shake regime and my work out regime on the daily.  After my treating I would tell myself; "Self that was good but did you really need that?  Did it make you feel any better?  No!  So just keep drinking that Vi and exercising your butt off!  There may not be results on the scale right now but look at those shorts, look at those work pants, you are still losing inches!  The weight will start coming off again just KEEP PUSHING!!!"  AND yes I really did tell myself all that!  Something I have learned sometimes we can be our own motivator and now that I see the scale going down again I feel 1000 X's MORE motivated to keep going and to push harder! 
I am 5.4 pound away from what I weighted mid 2006 (pre-marriage) and I took a look at how I felt then VS how I feel now!  1000 X's better because Even though I am about to weigh what I did in 2006...  I am more physically fit at this weight now then I was then!  All the credit for that goes to living the Visalus  Body by Vi Life and making best friends with my gym!  This new lifestyle is way better!  When I finally meet my final goal I am going to be so thrilled to be where I want to be but to know I have gained much more than my goal weight.  I will have gained the lifestyle I need in order to live a long healthy life for myself and my children... and look SMOKIN HOT doing it! 

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  1. you are doing great! keep up the motivation and the hard work, you will be at your goal in no time. my mom has also said that for her even when the scale is not moving, she can still tell her clothes are loosening. Great job!