Sunday, July 7, 2013

Habit Is What Keeps You Going

Before I get started on my weekly updates... I just have to say it really sucks some major you know what when your typing up a really good blog and your hand hits the wrong thing on your very sensitive lap top keyboard and it wipes the entire blog out!  Yeeeaaah I thought it would have saved most of it in the drafts at least... I was WRONG!  So as I type this just know I am actually starting over which is super frustrating!
The quote at the top of my blog basically says it all!  Out of that quote something I have noticed about myself so far in this journey, I have developed a very good habit and it has honestly been what's kept me going strong!  After talking with one of my best friends about her weight-loss journey from years ago when she completely transformed herself; I was able to get a better idea of my timeline in this journey and how to achieve my goals and keep them! In a nutshell she estimated over a year around 2 or so years to get the full results she wanted.  Not just the weight-loss but the tone in her body.  Lately I have been wondering if my stomach will ever go back to the way it was.  Of course its changed tremendously. However now I have much more confidence that it will and I will be able to maintain my final goals the slower it comes off.  That being said I have absolutely no problem losing the rest of this weight slowly.
As for the results this week -2.6 pounds this week!  The first significant loss I've had in close to a month!  I do hope this is the beginning of losing again so I will just keep doing what I have always done.  Follow my Vi and keep hitting it hard at the gym!!!  I've finally made it over my half way point of my total weight loss... -51.8 pounds!!! I can't wait to see that number after the next 10!!!

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