Monday, July 15, 2013

Vi Challenge Second Month Ending

My Weight-Loss Journey to date: Note the date on the last picture is wrong its supposed to say 7/13/13. Brain fart :)
This week ending I am down -2.4 pounds.  The scale likes me again!  Woot!!

I have lost now as you read a total of -54.2 pounds and still have quite a way to go!  Don't let those images fool you!  There is still a sufficient amount to lose in different problem areas that only you can see in my birthday suit!  LOL As for my second month ending totals in my current Vi 90 Day Challenge I am down a whole.... -5.5 pounds!  Total loss in my second 90 day challenge two months in: -16.2 pounds.  Its defiantly not coming off as fast as my first challenge.  I've lost a whole lot so now its going to start taking longer especially after that weight-loss plateau! After many conversations with friends who have been in my shoes I feel confident that I am losing exactly like I should in order to maintain and keep the weight off!  This is not a temporary change this is a permanent change!  So bring it on slow sally!!!!!
I have finally started the toning process slowly yet surely.  I want to get s much of the fat weight off as I can before I get serious about toning to the point of building muscle weight.  I've changed up my exercises and I never stick to the same routine every day.  I gotta keep my body guessing to keep the weight coming off!
That's all for now!!!!

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  1. you are looking great! your hard work is paying off every day. your body is thanking you for becoming healthier and happier! keep up the good work.