Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Most Important Progress is Felt Not Seen

It's been a while since my last post.  I believe I mentioned previously about my trip out of town last weekend.  Before I left I weighed two days early and was down another 1.4 pounds binging my total loss to -55.6 pounds.
On my mini weekend vacay I completely ditched my diet and exercise.  I used that time to get all the R&R I could.  I ate "normal foods" including pasta and Mexican food.  All high in carbs and not ideal for my diet and weight loss.  Ya know I did not care though!  I bust my butt all the time with no time to hardly sit on my own sofa at home anymore!  I noticed I was eating half of a regular portion  at meals though and It made me feel even then that I Over ate!  So I can tell from that temporary change in food how much my stomach and body has changed.  I probably would have still lost weight however I drank more adult beverages than usual and that I think was what worked against me.  I came home having gained FIVE pounds!  Yes FIVE!  So I got back to cracking on my shakes and exercising and voila; that extra 5 pounds gone in 3 days!  I have a feeling it was probably mostly water weight.  LOL  However I have been a little slower moving getting back into my exercise routine.. About 3 of the 5 work days last week were awful!  It was like one thing after the other was going wrong.  So one day I completely skipped the gym and opted to go to bed early that night.  So this week ending results are no change.  I've maintained my weight this week with no additional loss.  I expected that this week!
One of the big changes I have to report from the last time I blogged is.........
After shopping Thursday just over a week ago I tried on a size medium shirt; first time in YEARS!  To my surprise it fit although I didn't feel completely comfortable because it was a tiny bit snug in the places I like to have a little more room to move...BUT it fit non-the-less!  Bringing us to present day I went to Wal-Mart last night and found a ton of gym clothes on sale!  Shirts marked down to 5.96 a piece and 3.88 a piece. Yoga pant marked down to 12.88 a piece!  I defiantly hit the gym close jack pot!  So I started trying on the clothes I chose and now for the big news... The LARGE is TOO BIG!!!!!  The Mediums fit PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mediums were marked as sizes 8-10 in shirt sizes!  I felt like I was in high school all over again!  Literally I don't think I've been in a medium top completely comfortable since high school!  Before my discovery of the new shirt size my sister had commented earlier how my new top I was wearing (a large) looked way to big and I was swimming in it all day yesterday at my dad's house. By trying on clothes just confirmed that I am officially unable to wear size large in most tops now!  Medium top (size 8-10) fit so much nicer although still in size 14 pants which is still fantastic in my book!

I am sitting right at 181.4 and as I can see in my clothes my body is really shaping up nicely.  I don't think I'll ever feel 100% about my body just because I'm a girl and well...girls are just like that!  We notice every little thing about our body but to most of the general population and those closest to us they see a complete transformation after such a weight loss.  Don't get me wrong I love that people notice but I'm constantly reminding myself of all the work I still have left to do.  Once I lose all the fat weight which will make me my lightest in my adult life; I plan to have room for muscle weight gain when I'm focusing primarily on toning.  When that time does come I will cut my cardio down (still do it daily) but I will be working primarily on my arms, stomach, buns, and legs toning and shaping up.  Muscle weighs more than fat so when I am completely done shaping up I want to be right at my correct weight with my BMI exactly where it should be for my stats. (right amount of muscle vs fat at the correct weight)

I did my BMI just to see where I fell as of my current general BMI...


The BMI formula is a simple combination of your height and weight, which is designed to provide valuable information concerning the health of an individual. The number determines whether or not you are at a healthy weight for your height or if you are overweight, obese or even underweight. There are different formulas that can be used, depending on whether or not you use the metric system for measurements.
The actual BMI formulas are:
BMI= how much you weigh in pounds x 703 ÷ square of how tall you are in inches
BMI= how much you weigh in kilograms ÷ square of how tall you are in meters

Once you have your BMI percentage, you will need to see where you fall on the table. Underweight is considered to be a BMI below 18.5. Normal or healthy weight is 18.5 to 25 BMI. Overweight is 25 to 30. Obese is a BMI of over 30. Because both height and weight are taken into consideration, this is a much more reliable number for determining healthy weight ranges than simply weight alone.
What is the formula for calculating BMI? What does BMI even mean? BMI or the body mass index is an amount of fat that is in the body. If you need to loose weight or rather build up your muscle content and loose body fat, then your BMI will let you know.

At the beginning of my weight loss journey I weighed 237..
Your BMI is: 34
You are in the MODERATELY OBESE weight range.

Goal Setting Recommendation: To move to the next weight range you need to weigh 208.4 pounds
to be in the OVERWEIGHT weight range.

Today -55.6 Pounds Later this is my current BMI:
Your BMI is: 26
You are in the OVERWEIGHT weight range.
Goal Setting Recommendation: To move to the next weight range you need to weigh 173.6 pounds to be in the NORMAL weight range.
As you can see in -7.4 more pounds I will no longer be considered over weight and fall into the "Normal/Healthy" BMI range!  Of course that puts me borderline normal so I will aim for the lower number BMI before I start adding muscle tone weight that way all the fat weight is gone.  I was considered Obese in January of this year and now only considered over weight almost in the normal/healthy range!  That to me makes me feel so good about where I am and knowing I can maintain the weight in between losses is a really good!
If you would like to calculate your BMI click Calculate My BMI
That's all for today!

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  1. that is a great accomplishment! it speaks volumes that even though you had a fun weekend with no diet, you STILL had the willpower to get back to work when needed. your bmi is great! mine is 24.9 so we are very close! you should be very proud of your self