Thursday, August 1, 2013

Running~My Therapy

This has been a week like non-other to say the least... It seems like the last two weeks have been crazy in my life if it's not one thing it's another.  I am praying things settle down at least for a little while because extra stress is just unnecessary.  Despite all the bad I have been good about getting myself into the gym and running out all my frustrations!  I really do feel running for me is like therapy.  It's my zen time to reflect and clear my head of all the extra clutter.  It makes me wonder... "What have I been doing all along by NOT running???" It almost seems like those days are so far away from where I am now it was like another lifetime ago.  But that's expected because losing weight and becoming healthy is life changing!  

Today is not my weekly post update because the total end of week results are not in until after my final work out this coming weekend.  So far it's looking very good I'll say that!  I do have to share unspecifically for now because like I said it's not end of day Saturday or Sunday; but I have crossed another milestone in this weightloss journey to becoming healthy.  I am offically in the 170's!  Have not been in that weight range in YEARS!  So that makes me excited and of course even more motivated to keep going!  

In other exciting news I have recruited another Body by Vi Challenger!

A huge warm welcome to my friend Sugar Mama!!!!  She has accepted her first 90 day ViSalus Body by Vi Weight-loss and Healthy living Challenge!!!!  She has struggled for years with Type 2 Diabetes and Infertility.  After knowing what Vi can do I have full confidence she is going to turn her life onto a new healthy leaf and be baby ready!!!!  Click here to follow her journey... Fighting For Fertility

I am excited to have a fellow-ette challenger with me because this is a journey of a lifetime!!!  

Week ending results to come in a few short days!


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