Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Ups and Down Down Downs

There have been a lot of ups and downs for sure, establishing a new routine, and the constant baby-baby-baby-kids-kids-kids! Although progress is being made slowly but surely! Here's a summation from last post to current! Cheeks came down with a upper respiratory infection not long after my post. It was HELL! She was running fever, miserable, completely stopped sleeping at night, and I nearly lost my mind! Then Lil Toot started vomiting a week after that passing the stomach bug to myself, daddy, and cheeks. Cheeks was still on meds from the URI. Finally about the last week of July things started getting better. I was so glad my older four kiddos were with their dad during the sick-bola here! Therefore none of the previous goals were met and it was very frustrating. When it rains it down pours! So the last week in July Cheek's daddy started working only nights, so I was able to leave the two littles with him for a few hours early in the morning after he got off work for the gym and kick into high gear! Let me just say, this was a pivotal turning point in this fitness journey! I have been able to stay on this schedule with the exception of days where kids had scheduled appointments and or other obligations.

The daily habit is set and now time to focus on the game plan. At this point I am not yet ready to set an actual "number of pounds goal" to lose within a certain time frame. This time around it is much harder after pregnancy and being older in general. This time around my weight loss goals will be measured in "more weight loss." This means my goal is to lose more weight by the next weigh in whether that be 1-4 or 5 pounds depending on if I weigh weekly or bi weekly. My weigh in's are my motivation; therefore if I know I have had a week that just hasn't gone right with scheduling, then I will wait for the end of the next week to weigh for progress. Progress, regardless of how slow, is still progress! I am determined to not let myself get discouraged by obsessing over the number on the scale. The numbers are in and they show a lot of change as well as my last week of pregnancy picture vs current. Therefore I am trusting the process and just setting reasonable goals in the mean time...

1 Week before delivery VS Current

Goals met and current accomplishments as follows:
-Down 61 pounds to date
-Work out 5 days a week
-2 of 5 days include elliptical trainer and stretching/yoga
-3 of 5 days include elliptical trainer, stairs, stretching/yoga
-Bonus Day 6 Work out as able around kids schedules includes elliptical trainer, stairs, and stretching.

New Goals:
-More weight loss
-Work Out 5 days a week with at least 2 additional bonus days
-Work out Focus:
*Stairs increase from 10 min to 15 min
*Elliptical continue 65 min high intensity each day
*Add 10 min Core work out 3 of 5 days
*Continue stretching/yoga each day
-Breakfast: Protein shake
-Lunch Protein shake
-Snack: Protein based-Mixed nuts-Yogurt
-Dinner: Fresh Healthy dinner with the family
-Water: 1 Gallon a day
[Add propel water on days electrolytes need replenishing]

Now, lets open the floor to the readers! I am all for accountability, I believe documenting goals really helps set ones own accountability! What are some of your current fitness, weight loss, or healthy living goals?


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