Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Weeklly Thoughts

I'm back! I actually didn't let myself go another THREE years before the next post! Woo Hoo, progress... I like it! So down to the nitty and some of the gritty! This week I have taken on a bit of a "job" if you will. I am now keeping my youngest sisters 1 year old baby girl, Little Toot! Yes, I already know what you're thinking! "She has FIVE kids already, what the hell is she thinking!" Yes I think I asked myself that a few times too! However, I'm super excited to see my beautiful, precious, independent, head-strong, little niece now every day! It is a lot like having twins between cheeks and Little Toot! The onlylittle/big difference is the 6.5 months ages difference and the developmental difference between a 6 month old and an almost 13 month old! Cheeks is rolling, sitting, army crawling, and getting up on all fours and rocking. She sits independently for quite some time, although she does topple over on occasion; her muscles are still strengthening. Then you have little Toot who is rolling, crawling (very fast), WALKING, and into EVERYTHING! You can only imagine the work out I'm getting keeping up with these two little peas in a pod! It's becoming a "monkey see-monkey do" situation. Cheeks wants so bad to be up and moving around after Little Toot. BUT she's just not quite there yet.

It has been hard getting these two to nap at the same time. Little Toot wakes earlier than Cheeks so their morning time naps are totally not in sync yet. Then the afternoon nap has required my rocking BOTH babies at the same time for them to sleep. I lay Cheeks down and she stays asleep but little Toot is not understanding this whole new routine just yet. So here we are, holding on for our lives and hoping we can all survive the first week of all this new adjustment! We will get there and it will get easier! On that note, I think both are actually asleep at the same I type this out! YES mommy/auntie M scores! (now we'll see how long this lasts)

I haven't been to the gym at all in almost a week and my eating has been what I can grab when I can grab it! It's not been terrible but not ideal for weight-loss. I do think between all the craziness of SIX kids to wrangle, I have been moving non stop! I'm still afraid to do a scale check! I'm going to see how we get through this week and start fresh on routine next week. Then it will be a full week of (hopefully) the new Monday-Friday norm. After a good week of eating right, morning walks, and the constant running. I MIGHT be brave enough to do a scale check at the end of the week next week! So we shall see. It's a lot harder to stay on top of the focus I had with loosing weight several years ago, Now that I have infant and keeping a 1 year old, on top of my four older kiddos. We have really had to go back to the basics, starting all over, full-on constant round the clock care that my older kiddos do not require anymore. Things are just completely different now, in a good way, but harder to get that FIT back!

Let me just <Insert Here> a note of self observation: Pregnancy changes SO much of your body it's absolutely insane! I KNOW it was bound to happen and everyone is affected completely different because every person, body, baby, and pregnancy are different! Myself, I gained a TON of water weight. I naturally retained water before I became pregnant, I was taking 25 mgs of prescribed water pills every day because my whole body just holds it in! Of course I had to stop taking them then you add pregnancy to the mix and BAM, I was a walking balloon from about 6 months on! I was HUGE at the end and the C-Section made me blow up even more from all the drugs! It was NOT pretty! But it wasn't just that it was the incarcerated hernia I got from the pregnancy that required more surgery 3 months post C-Section! That being said my abdomen went through a whole lot in a short period of time. Now I feel like it just looks so different now that its deflated and only reminds me of how much work I need to do! I lost all 50 pounds from Delivery to 4 months post baby. Last weigh in I was down almost 56 pounds total and I've been afraid to weigh in since! But I see changes in my body everything deflated my boobs (after 5 months breastfeeding) and my stomach but I can feel how much stronger I've become since finally being able to start exercising post hernia surgery! But over-all it's been a lot harder after all the "trauma" my body has endured! I am going to keep pushing and get where I need to be and TRY to not let the struggle be discouraging!

My weekly goals will alter depending on what I need to create new habits of and or stop old bad habits. I do not want to pile too much onto the plate at once because it's all about setting small goals and achieving them successfully before adding more. The baby steps turn into giant leaps over a good amount of time. I've done this before I'm doing it again!

Week One
-Protein Shakes Breakfast & Lunch
-Healthy Dinner
-1 Gallon Water Daily
-Walk every AM 2-4 miles

It's a great place to start getting back to fit! Until next time...


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  1. Sounds like a great and healthy plan! all you can do is take it one day at a time. Pregnancy really does your body for a loop, so just consider it your new "normal" and don't sweat the small stuff.