Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tis The Fall Season

Tis the season of Fall! My entries have been far few and in-between. As I've mentioned before life's extremely busy in this household,single
Momma and 4 kids. There's never a dull moment for sure. Then to put icing on the cake were moving! Yes that's right, moving right smack in the middle of the year. It was a wonderful opportunity that I could not resist. More space,save on money, and closer to reality!

Currently were residing in a small town to what seems to be "the other side of the world." But that my friends soon will be a thing of the past. My girls will get to spread out in bedroom sharing-which they so desperately need as they grow bigger. Most importantly we'll be so much more close to my family. My family has done so much for me I can not even begin to express my gratitude in words. However being closer to all of them is the best part about this move. Life is just too short and I need my family right now as they need me. Finally
I will be close and able to be apart of a more regular routine visiting and so fourth.

As for the fitness front. Life's been pretty hectic with moving and along that a very big change. Cleaning through, packing, and organizing an entire life I had built here with my ex. A lot to sift through, throw out, and pack away. This has allowed me to really decide what's worth keeping and what worth donating or trash. I will feel a million times more organized once my kids and I say good bye to this house we used to call home and hello to being home again with my kids in our new house! A fresh new start and it's been much needed over this last year now!

I continue to work my booty off at the gym as I've kept a regular routine but fallin behind in my regular cooking. This will all be much more under control once were settled in the new house. Along with all this has accompanied stress amongst other things/people that add to that unnecessarily! I've finally reached a point I put my hands up and say I'm DONE! Either your on board some how or your off! Time to pick I can only do so much as one person!

Provided I had less stress working against me I could be a farther along but I think I'm holding it together fairly well... Here's a photo snapped a few days ago: