Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014

Happy New Year! It's 2014 a new year with an open road to new possibilities! Reflecting back over 2013 it was defiantly a year of change in many ways and self discovery. There were good times and very dark times.  December was an extremely difficult month in my life.  But I got through...somehow and here we are January, month ONE of this year!  

The last month mostly I have felt like giving up on my dieting and exercising. The quote above stood out to me because I picked myself up when I thought I couldn't do it anymore and took myself to the gym.  An endorphin high is the BEST thing one can do for themselves, mind, body, and soul! 

About two weeks ago I decided to try and lose 10 more pounds. The motivation on a daily basis just hasn't been there.  So many things happening around me I just didn't stick to it. I can feel myself slowing coming up above the surface back to where my motivation lies. 

One of the things I've contemplated is change in my surroundings.  I need new surroundings so that it represents the new in my life and the new me that is here. I canceled my membership at the Y and opened a membership at the 10-Gym.  It's cheaper, the hours 24/5 (much more flexible), they offer tanning and various classes I'm excited to try out!  Most of all it's the change of my surroundings. 

Today I have an appointment with a personal trainer to have an hour session.  See where I stand and talk about a fitness plan that I need for my fitness goals.  I made the weight-loss happen and I've got the structure I need to continue forward in my fitness goals.  I just need a little help on toning and sculpting so my final body and health goals can be met this year!  2013 Was a huge success and 2014 will be just as amazing!  


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