Sunday, December 8, 2013

How Long Has It Been????

It's been nearly a month since I last posted.  I've been adjusting to life with all it's changes I've experienced lately.  Mostly these days I am constantly wrapped up with my babies or family now that the holidays have arrived! 

Due to my extremely busy life these day my entire work out schedule has been thrown off. BUT that is perfectly okay!  I wouldn't have it any other way; I absolutely love my children!!!!  We all made a journey through the ice this last Saturday to the gym.  My kids got to play and do some activities there at the Y and I got to get an amazing work out in!  It was a win/win!  I've been weighing but not recording.  My weight has fluctuated from the 159 mark up to 165 and gone up and down between that range.

I always seem to find something outside around my house to do that replaces my gym work out.  This last week we got some major snow and ice.  There was about a centimeter of ice laid perfectly under the 4-6 or more inches of powder snow on top! So I played with out kids outside on Friday after the sun came out then shoveled on side of my drive way.  Bear in mind I do not have a snow shovel I used a good heavy dirt shovel because it's all I had to work with at the house.  I am pretty sure I strained my back muscles on the right side of my back. I can feel every muscle in my back no matter how I move it HURTS, my shoulders, booty, and legs are the same way, Booty and Back are the worst!  So using an extremely heavy shovel and working for over an hour doing that I got a pretty good sweat on despite the freezing cold!  Saturday was a normal work out and today I have SLEPT and done nothing but lye around!  The only perk to have one day a weekend my kids are with their dad! I still miss them like crazy and looking forward to getting home to them but the rest was needed! 

Clothes sizes are all the same,toning hasn't really been worked on due to being SO busy! I think once we get through the up and down of the weather and the holidays things will smooth out. This time of year everyone's schedules are thrown off!  The one consistent part of my challenge is sticking to my Visalus Shakes!  They are a LIFE savor!  I would really be in a bad position if I didn't have my shakes everyday to keep my nutrition up and my healthy diet on track!  

I can't stress enough how amazing these shakes are when you have goals for health and nutrition whether to maintain, lose weight, or become fit. I'm no longer losing and they are absolutely perfect for maintaining! The new year is around the corner and everyone's already started thinking about their 2014 New Years Resolution Goals.  One popular goal is weight-loss and health if this is your goal Visalus is worth a shot!  It has a 90 day money back guarantee! After a complete transformation over this year myself I strongly encourage you to take the challenge and see how Visalus can transform your life; health and body!


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