Saturday, November 23, 2013

There Comes a Time...

We can dream, hope, and plan all we want for the way we want our lives to go.  But it doesn't always mean you'll get it; and if you do there's usually some price to pay either positively or negatively.  We all make sacrifices in life for the greater good of our lives.  Especially being a parent who loves their children and puts them first always make life decisions based on what is truly Best for them.  

In society people see only one way to live most of the time.  The reality is we are all individuals who live all separate lives and each of our lives are different from each other.  That is perfectly fine because that's how it should be..

Yesterday the subject of death came up with my almost 8 year old daughter.  It started with explaining why her great grandmother wasn't living in her house.  Of course in conversation that has come up with my kids in the past I explain purely and simply "They left to go to heaven and live with Jesus."  Yesterday the question of "where do our bodies go?" came up.  How on earth do you explain this to an 8 year old with out totally scaring them?  I did the best I could never having been asked this question by any of my children yet.  I simply explained our bodies die and the people we are inside of us leave our bodies and we go to heaven; our bodies stay here.  Her reply was "mommy I'm afraid to die!"  So with that comes my POINT!

 I said to her: "Don't be afraid to die because you will be with Jesus when your time comes a long long long lonnnng ways away.  Your life is fresh and brand new you are JUST starting out your life.  This life we live was only temporarily given to us and while we are here on earth we must do our very best to be the best person we can be because that's what God put us here to do.  You have a long long long happy life ahead of you. Once you finish school and graduate college you will make your place in this world. You'll create your own legacy and make your mark on the world in the most positive way you can.  We want to make the very best of our lives while we are here.  To be happy to do good and to do good by others around us. That is ALL you need to think about right now and when our times all come a long long long long ways away we will all be together in heaven when this life is over." 

Of course she may have not comprehended all of that. She seemed to not feel so scared about our death conversation. The whole point of my response was for her to hear how we should live our lives; as she gets older she can better understand what "mommy said a long time ago" about life.  I want my kids to know they can create their own lives and to live them as happily and freely as possible.  To know they don't have to chose to live any less.  Their legacy is what they want to focus on creating and leaving behind for their children/families.  In life we all have to CHOOSE to be happy and to create the kind of life that will make our short time here on earth the very best it can be; there are no second chances!

"There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book."

On the fitness front: I have not been to the gym in TWO weeks!  A lot has occurred over the last two weeks 3 days of which I had a stomach bug that I thought would never go away.  It's been more difficult finding time to go to the gym living the single mom life between work, kids schools, homework, and evening time routines.  BUT I have been contemplating a plan to squeeze at least 30 minutes in a day.  If I go straight after work I'll have exactly 30 minutes to work out then get to daycare before they close.  SOO provided the weather doesn't come in like they say it will Sunday and Monday then I'll plan to start there.  It'll cut down to one trip into the city (going into work) and one trip back home (going home from the gym) since work and the gym are a mile away. I've come SO far physically and I feel SOOO much more energized now I can really keep up with my 4 beautiful blessings like I should be able to!  I am not going to let a little thing called "time" hinder maintaining myself for my children's benefit! They deserve only the very BEST of me mentally, physically, and emotionally! They require A LOT of each!

As for my Progress:
Weight is the same: 159.2 #'s
Weight Lost Last 2 Weeks: 0 #'s
Total Weight Loss to date: -77.8 #'s
Dress clothes all the same:
Top Medium (I think some styles a small would fit)
Dress Pants Size 8
Toning Same (Haven't had a lot of time to work on this)
Visalus Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge ended November 18th!

Today I am submitting my timeline to enter to win and get my Vi Champ Bracelet!  Woo Hoo!!!
I'm still loving my shakes and don't know how I would function with out them!  They are soooooo easy being a busy mom on the run between kids and work!  I am bringing 2013 to a close looking and FEELING 2000% better than I did this time last year! 2014 is just around the corner and this could be YOU by the end of next year; a stronger healthier YOU!!! What in YOUR life would be your "Why?"  for becoming healthier???  For more information go to:



  1. I am very proud of you- your strength amazes me! Once you get used to the big changes, everything will fall into place. I love you very much!!

  2. Sounds like you handled that very well. Its hard to explain life to kids - we understand that some things don't make a lot of sense and sometimes are downright scary - but how to say that to an eight year old? It seems like the common thread in a lot of blogs is big change. I think with your positive attitude you will find your way and wow, look at what you have already done! Amazing!