Sunday, November 10, 2013

Never Be Afraid to Start Over

Life lately has been full of so many changes.  Personal life changes that have really shown a new light on my life. One of the moto's I stand by "Everything happens for a reason!" I've had a lot of guidance and support that has been truly amazing. 

I am in awe by the way life works out sometimes.  It seems like we can be drug through some of the worst times in our life and finally find that the light at the end of the tunnel. True happiness does exist and I know that now and I do have faith for the future!

On the fitness front I've cut down to working out 3 times a week and once on the weekend or twice if I have time.  I'm working on toning still which feels very good to become stronger. My stats are still all the same except for weight... I am down -3.6 more pounds since my last post.  I'm really NOT trying to lose weight anymore but with the strength training I'm toning up but with toning comes slow fat burning as the muscle builds.  I know during this process my weight will fluctuate up and down as my body sculpts up. My total weight loss to date is now: -77.8 and I finally broke the 150's!  My last weigh in I weighed 159.2!!!  I's never been this small or this fit in my entire adult life and I love it!!!  Visalus is the most life changing amazing lifestyle in the world!  I will stand by this life style for the rest of my life!!!!

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  1. WOW! you continue to impress. great job!! this has taken true dedication and you have proved you can back up your promises.