Saturday, October 26, 2013

Inner Voice

This whole year of weight-loss has been so much more than weight-loss for me.  It's been a mind, body, and soul transformation.  One of the biggest things I have taken from this year is to be true to who you are, stand up for what you believe it, and follow your heart.  Only we know what we can live with and with out. I do not have the quote reference for the icon above but this stands out to me so much: "Don't Shush Your Inner Voice It's Who You Really Are."

It's been two weeks since I updated last.  This last week was an extremely difficult week for me and steered off the normal routine of Health and Fitness. The week before last was a good health and fitness week and the weight started just falling off faster than it has in a long time.  This week I also took my final before and after photo for weight-loss. My final final body result photo will come once all the defining and toning is complete.

Weekly Update Stats:
Last Two Week Weight loss: -4.4 #'s
Total Weight loss: -74.2 #'s
Current Weight:162.8
Current Dress Pant Size: 8
Current Top Size: Medium
Previous Shoe Size 9 Woman's
Current Shoe Size 8 Women's
**Yes My feet shrunk too!**
Chest: 34 Inches
Waste: 28 Inches
Hips: 40.5 Inches
BMI: 23.2 *Normal and Healthy*
Toning coming along nicely
Current Challenge Day: 67
23 Days left before Submitting for Body By Vi Challenge Champion

For information on Visalus Body by Vi go to:

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  1. wow, your numbers and results are very impressive! you have put so much hard work into it, you should be very proud of your results and new body!