Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oh, It Hurts? Keep Going! Its Just Your Body Changing!

"Oh It Hurts? Keep Going! It's just your body Changing!" This statement has never been more true! The last few weeks I have attended a group class at my gym.  I never did a group class until two weeks ago.  My first class I did is called "boot camp."  It really is like boot camp; some of the things they do in there are insane!  I have really grown to love attending boot camp!  It kicks my ass every time! This last week the ladies begged me to stay for a class called body pump after boot camp.  So I decided to do it and see what it was all about.

Body Pump is a class that's primary focus is strength and toning.  They are NOT messing around at all! We used the bar with bar bell or dumb bell weights on either side, hand weights, and another bar with out the bells on the ends.  The most in strength I've done so far is circuit train in the gym using all the machines.  So this was completely new and it was amazing!  We did so many arm, curls, lifts, pushes, and used the bar to hold over our shoulders as we did hundreds of squats and lunges.  I couldn't keep track but we must have done over 200 squats within that whole hour class!  Let me just say OOOOUUUUCCCH!!!!!!

I felt like I was dying all week!  I am STILL sore and it's Sunday.  The part of your chest on a woman right between your boobs and collier bone HURT to barley brush across when getting dressed!  I DID not know we had muscles there to we actually use!  I didn't let the soreness take me down no sir!  I went the next day and did just the elliptical trainer for an hour then stretched really good.  It was hard going back to the gym the next day but I knew if I just sat around it would only stiffen me up.  I managed to make it to the gym up to Friday this week and haven't been back since.  I probably would have gone yesterday if my husband didn't have to work yesterday and all weekend long.  So I used yesterday to do something I've not done in MONTHS!  I did NOTHING but sat on my rear all day!  I have so much to be done around the house but my body was just screaming for rest.  So I did absolutely nothing and it was marvelous! Unfortunately time doesn't stop so today I gotta get stuff done and ready for the week.  If the rain holds off until this evening I may take a short jog just to get the blood flowing again and ready for the week!  I will be attending BOTH boot camp and body pump this week so bring on the soreness!  I know with that means beautiful changes are happening to my body as we speak!

I had a request a while back to take a picture wearing pants that are way to big for me... I've already given away all my clothes clothes so all I had were a pair of PJ pants to take the pic in.  Below are a size extra large PJ pants.  At my heaviest before I started Vi January 26th this year these pants were EXTREMELY tight on me.  I want to say this is when I was wearing what was equivalent to a double XL in pants like these and 20 plus size dress pants.  I took this picture last week to show just how big of a change I went through on Visalus Body By Vi...

As for my current weekly updates:
Weight lost this week: -0.2 pounds
Weight as of this week: 167.2
Total Weight Loss to date: -69.8 pounds
Current top size: Medium (8-10)
Current Dress Pant Size: 10's
-6 dress pant sizes total
-4 top sizes total
Current Work out Yoga Pants: Size Medium
Current Toning Is as Follows:
Stomach appears flatter-
Distinctive line indention on the sides of my abs upper to lower
Arms More distinctive lines on top to sides of arms
Legs Defined muscles in calves and top to side thighs
Rear sculpting and lifting
Back Sculpted from shoulders down to wast working on strengthening

I do not know all the technical muscle terms of the body so hopefully I described it as best as possible! LOL! Being a crazy week last week I'd say all in all a pretty good end to the week! That's all for now...


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Have a great week!

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  1. wow! your abs are really getting defined, and look at your tiny wrist!! you are doing a great job, and keeping such a positive outlook.