Sunday, October 6, 2013

1st Challenge Party and My Personal Challenge

It has been an extremely busy last couple weeks in my household.  We've all had things to do and places to be pretty constant.  Now that I have started as Executive Promoter for Visalus I've literally been working two jobs, maintaining family/household, and still active in my current 90 day Challenge. I held my 1st Vi Challenge Party yesterday evening.  We had a wonderful turn out and a successful party for so many! I was so honored to have had Regional Directors Jody and Linda Griebel as well as Ambassador LaDonna West.  They all helped organize and teach while they were here as well as give some amazing personal testimonies.  We had a wonderful close out from speaker Ladonna West. It was super exciting, motivating, and the shakes were all so delicious.  We tried 3 flavors yesterday evening. First the Snikerdoodle <Vi Mix, Almond Milk, Ice, Small amount of Honey, and Cinnamon.> Secondly the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup<Vi Mix, Chocolate Soy Milk, Ice, Vi Chocolate flavor packet, and Peanut Butter.> Lastly we tried the Orange Julius <Vi Mix, 50% Pulp Free Orange Juice, ice, and Frozen Pineapple.> Everyone got to taste the shakes and learned how Vi can benefit their personal goals within the 3 categories of: Weight loss, Activity, or Fitness. We also got several project 10 videos complete.  Once they receive their shakes and start their challenge they'll already be ahead of the game after the 1st 10 pounds!!!  We're missing a few people but all of most of us at the Challenge Party...

I will be scheduling another Visalus Challenge Party this week.  For those of you who are interested and would like to attend I will be announcing the date and time later this afternoon so everyone can clear their calenders! If you would like more information on taking the Challenge please visit my website:

Watch the video find me on facebook send a message with your contact information and I'll get with you on how you can Start the Challenge Today!!!  We're approaching all the holidays; just in time to complete your first 90 day Vi Challenge and be at your best for Christmas.  Also you'll still be able to enjoy all the wonderful festive holiday eating and still beat the crowd of New Years Resolutions! 2014 will start off with a BANG!!! 

As for my weight loss and fitness Challenge I am currently on I have wonderful updates to share!  I decided last week to give a group exercise class a try.  I've been working out since January this year and have never gone to a group class.  SO I did last weeks "Boot Camp" class and let me tell you, it was some serious working out!  I was limping the next day!  I KNOW had I not conditioned myself for all these last 9 months to do something like that I would have not made it the first 5 minutes of that class!  I'm defiantly glad I waited till I built my own fitness stamina before attempting that! 

As for my weight loss I'd hit a plateau for several weeks again.  My 12's have started becoming too baggy.  So this time I started out my grabbing a pair of 12's and 10's jeans to try on.  Once I got home and cleaned up from the gym I put the 10's on first... LOW AND BEHOLD... THEY FIT!!!!! Yes, ladies and gentleman the 10's fit me.  They started out a little snug but as I have continued working out and losing weight over the last few days they fit perfect now!  In high-school when I was at my smallest weight for my height (5'10) I was in sizes 8-10 pant size range. I'm officially down to my high-school size! I do believe during the weight loss plateau the Vi was working on the inside of my body; even though the scale wasn't moving the inches were falling off.  I moved down a whole other size!  Also once the scale started moving again it MOVED fast!  I have updated pics to share... the last 9 pounds are defiantly from my stomach!!!

Before Scale moved...

After Scale moved...

One of the biggest changes I'm noticing (in my birthday suit) are my stomach!  It's gone down some more AND its finally starting to lift and tighten!  Thank you Vi, Crunches, and Circuit training!! I now have 17.4 more pounds of fat to lose then it'll be total muscle toning/building until the absolute final body transformation goal is met! I've already decided once I completely get done with my weight loss and toning goals I will start training for my first 5k! I love running so much and I'd love to be able to complete a successful 5k!!!

Weekly/Current Stats Updates:
Beginning Current Challenge Weight:176 #'s
Current Challenge Weight Loss Progress: -8.6 #'s
Current Weight: 167.4 #'s
Grand total Weight Loss to Date: -69.6 #'s
Went from size 12 dress pant to size 10 dress pant
Currently size medium tops (8-10)
Total dress pant sizes lost to date: SIX dress pant sizes
Total Top sizes lost to date: 4 top sizes down
Toning: Definite change in stomach, Arm's Back and Legs *Right on Track*
Current Challenge Date as of most recent photo above: Day 46
Current Challenge Day as of today: Day 47

I hope my personal journey is inspiring others.  I am still so shocked myself at these results! It's so so life changing to be able to turn your life style around and feel and look the best ever! If you are considering taking the challenge I strongly encourage you to at least TRY it! It's safe for children, Pregnant or breast feeding mothers, people with MS, MD, Lupus, and the only Dr approved shake for Cancer Patients! You can always sign up try it with a 90 day money back guarantee.  If it's not something you want to continue you always have the option of canceling it. BUT it is WORTH the try!  


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  1. i am so impressed! i'm glad your party went good and you had a lot of people interested. you look amazing and your hard work is paying off.