Sunday, September 29, 2013

Challenge Yourself

Any change one makes in life first requires a mental challenge first... Once a mind is set on completing a goal; then only then is a physical change made no matter what the goal. If we want something Bad enough we're GOING to go out and make it happen!!!

It's been TWO weeks or so since my last post.  As I previously mentioned I was going out of town last weekend to attend Vi Regional's.  It was by far the most inspiring and motivating conference I have ever attended in my life!  Having completed now 2 Visalus Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge has been key to my weight loss. I'm currently in my 3rd 90 day Challenge and I'm rocking my challenge!  As we all know getting closer to our weight loss goals normally makes it SO MUCH HARDER to lose weight.  It comes off painfully slow BUT that is a healthy sign! As for my health Vi saved my life.  I was not in any life threatening situation with my health that I knew of... At that time I had High Cholesterol and considered Moderately Obese.  Had I not Challenged myself mentally to TAKE the Vi Challenge who knows where I may be today.  Between both sides of my family we have a long history of diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, heart attack and stroke.  Genetically all of that history combine with my physical health 9 months ago I would be at risk for ALL of that!  Vi turned me away from eating bad food and trained my body to CRAVE healthy food and moderation! My lifestyle in it's entirety has COMPLETELY CHANGED!!!  

After every other thing I tried to lose weight failed then I discovered Vi!  I've met my goals so far in this journey and from that success came more motivation.  My Aunt and Uncle who got me started on this promote the challenge.  After such a success how could I not really consider doing it?  I could help change so many people lives in such a positive way and who wouldn't want to help people when they have every opportunity to?  So I went as a guest to the Vi Regional's in Kansas City with hundreds of other Vi Promoters, Directors, Rising Stars and Ambassadors who have really changed millions of lives together!  The whole day was filled with positive upbeat energy and so many beautiful testimonies.  It made me realize the Vi life is just so much bigger than I knew!  All those people out there are healthier and happier and turning our countries obesity rate around one shake at a time! 

Last Saturday we all left so pumped and excited to get out there and "DO SOMETHING!" That's all we really have to do to make a difference in the world.  "Just go do something!" I decided by the end of the conference last Saturday I am going to promote these shakes and do everything I can to help as many people as I can!  I could potentially make a really successful career out of changing people lives in the most positive way possible!  

This weekend I am officially Joining the Vi Team as Executive Promoter. As far as how successful I can make this business... well seeing FIRST HAND in person the SKY is really the limit. All of my Wichita Vi Family are such wonderful people and so so inspiring! I am honored to be apart of their team/family!!!

With that said I will be throwing my first Vi Party Saturday October 5th at 6:00pm.  We will be tasting shakes and letting everyone know what Vi does and how it works!  I have several people with testimonies ranging from weight loss, to getting rid of diabetes, and lean muscle building. If anyone is interested and local to OKC, OK look for me on facebook...

I am private so send me a request and a message letting me know if you are interested!  
Also for more information on Vi go to my site and watch the video.  Let me know what you think and if you may be intrested in taking the Challenge!

I am super pumped about the coming party and many many successful ones in the future!!!!

As for my current weight loss updates I am currently sitting at a weight loss plateau at 171 with no change.  It could be several things happening... Primarily I feel it's because I've been really incorporating weights/circut training and working my abs.  As we all know gaining muscle will prevent weight loss.  I still incorporate cardio almost daily but taking some time to focus on sculpting.  I have one more week of Vi mix left to complete my 1st month in on my current challenge so next week I'll have that update and pic to share!


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