Saturday, September 14, 2013

It take's Courage To Stand Alone

I'm not exactly sure who's quote this belongs to written above...  However It's one that really hit home with me.  I've been doing a lot of reflecting over my adult life and have come to several conclusions.  For the longest time it seems society was divided into several different groups of people. Of course as human beings we aim toward the trending group of our closest social group.  In life sometimes we think if we do certain things, act a certain way, or idolize people close to us that we will some how "fit in" better. It's taken many years and a lot of those years spent in upheaval to realize maybe I just settled with the direction of my life... Then you start questioning yourself with the "what if's"... 

Personally I gave my life to God many many years ago.  Like a tug of war or power of the wills I've had difficult times just "letting go" and giving it all to him! This of course circles me back around to my faith... I do believe our lives were pre-written by God. We were all individually brought on this earth to live this temporary life for a purpose. We don't always know our purpose or rather some sense of purpose is a lot clearer to see with some people vs others. I do feel like life leading me up to the point I am now was all apart of God's plan for me.  Although it brings me to my next point; free will.  We were all given free will that is why we are all sinners.  We have choices in life to choose between good or bad and sometimes as humans we choose the bad-therefore we are not perfect.  Only God is perfect and it is up to us to ask for forgiveness! Having free will doesn't necessarily mean if we chose to do something a certain way it's a sin or it's bad.  Essentially all it means is we as humans have choices in this life.  Our lives do not always have to be black and white.  All we can do as human beings is pray about our choices and continue praying our choices were well thought over and evenly considered all the way around. 

The quote at the top "It's easy to stand with the Crowd. It Takes Courage to Stand Alone." I feel lately is a direct reflection of the crossroads I am at in my life.  I know what everyone "wants" or "expects" but I have the ability to stand alone and take the road which may lead me from the shadows to the light. With every decision comes consequence good or bad however sometimes we have to follow our hearts above all else.  We only have a very short temporary time here on this earth we may as well choose to be happy and to live our life to it's fullest even if it means standing alone...

This week has been eventful with another surgery (wisdom tooth extraction) for myself and the usual day to day.  I only made it a half of one day post surgery at work. (yesterday)  I believe my side of the bed is perfectly molded to my body between my bladder surgery and my wisdom teeth surgery.  AND not in a comfortable (spend a day in bed) sort of way! Needless to say the girls missed soccer practice but their with their daddy at their games right now.  I am trying to take it slow and easy not to jump back in to quickly.  I need to be completely healed so I can get back to work! Since we are having my sons birthday party this afternoon I am home getting stuff together.  Going to finish up some last minute birthday shopping and pick up his cake all before I go set up at McDonald's where we are having his party this year.  I did not feel like hosting at my house for this one so we decided to have it away from home at McDonald's where the kids can play and we can all celebrate with easy clean up and go home afterwards!

As for this week as you may have guessed I got one really good work out in Monday and have sat on my duff all week long trying to get better.  I am not going to attempt to return to the gym until Monday or so this coming week preferably after I make it through a normal day at work! Baby steps! I haven't stayed strict to my Vi because the milk seems to upset my already present nausea from all the pain meds.  I have had them as often as I can tolerate as I continue to get over the nausea.  So I have just been eating what I can when I can.  However I still lost this week!  This weeks ending totals are as follows:

Week Ending Weight Loss: -1.4 #'s
Current 90 Day Vi Challenge Total Weight Loss to date: -4.6 #'s
Grand Total Weight Loss to Date: -65.6 #'s
Current Weight: 171.4
Current Top Size: Medium (8-10)
Current Dress Pant Size:12's
Current Gym Yoga Pants Size Large (12-14's) BAGGY/Falling down
Current Toning Progress: Defining outer lines beginning to show upper to mid abs
Legs: Great Muscle Tone in calves and upper thighs (cellulite less visible legs appearing smaller)
Arms: Smaller slight front arm tone still needs work under arm toning
Buns: Toning up nicely along with the legs

In closing I have two more things to share.  One of my BFF GF's discovered this new machine at the gym.  It's like the elliptical and you look so silly doing it because you literally look like your bouncing around on the moon or in some "star" whatever movie but it is HARD and I mean HARD on the highest resistance (20) If you were to go hard on the entire 65 minutes you could burn 1000 or more calories in 1 session!  This machine is comparable to the elliptical however it does burn more calories it is called the "Arc Trainer."  To learn more on this machine click Here
I look forward to utilizing this machine primarily for a while as well as incorporating more toning into my work out!  Only 21.6 more pounds until I meet my final weight goal then it's all toning from there! 

Lastly I will be attending the Visalus Body By Vi Regional this next coming up weekend!  My Aunt and Uncle who got me started on this MEGA LIFE CHANGING lifestyle are Executive Promoters.  I've been discussing with them and thinking over the possibility of becoming an Executive Promoter myself! As my Uncle Jody says "Your a walking billboard for Vi." Meaning having lost all the weight I have speaking to people about signing up will see FIRST hand what Vi can do!  I started putting it out there on Facebook and I've had one serious customer sign up so we will see.  I know so many people out there would benefit from this lifestyle whether they have a great deal of weight to lose or just want to become more healthy and fit.  Vi can do ALLLLL of that!  In my case weight loss was my goal... a serious amount of weight and I didn't even sign up for the expensive kit! Anyhow I am stoked to attend regional's and decide if this maybe something I would enjoy pursuing.  I feel like it would be something I would love to do but I would need to build a strong base of people who would like to join me in the challenge before I go for the Executive Promoter for Vi!  I will take tons of pics at regional's and share my experience with everyone after I return!  Kansas City here we come!!!!

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  1. I love our new machine! I can't wait to see you at the party... and I hope you recover quickly so you can get back to the ggym! ;)

  2. It seems that the older I get the more crossroads I find in life where I must make choices to live a good and productive life. When I was younger the road was more vague and I coasted off my parents' values and the energy of youth. Good for you for examining your life and continuing to search!

    The surgery set-backs must be so frustrating. I like that you already have your next work out planned. It is so important to take time to heal but so imperative to know you are not going to make a habit of staying at rest. Good planning! I really enjoyed your sharing. Thanks.