Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Long Term Goal Met...

Getting started on the Vi Challenge I listened to several testimonies and have watched educational videos on how to start a Vi Challenge.  One of the big parts of starting the challenge is to make goals and GO PUBLIC!  It's true that by going public about your challenge you are forced to hold yourself accountable for meeting your goals.  Two major events in my life I went "public" with and both of those events were a success.

  I used to keep a blog of my personal journey with my husband on our infertility/adoption journey.  In the end after 2 1/2 years we FINALIZED our adoption beating /the odds!  So many times it felt hopeless that we would get to keep our children.  I know certain family members kept our children at arms length knowing the uncertainty of our families outcome.  I knew deep down in my soul our kids were OUR kids and they weren't going anywhere.  Now I can say... "I told you so!" to all those Nay-Sayers!

 Unfortunately I still feel certain family members are still keeping some what of a distance which is unnecessary because all their doing is hurting their own relationship with my kids.  One day my kids will grow up and they will see who was REALLY involved and who wasn't.  Me personally I automatically assume the worse maybe that's apart of my own "issues" I feel.  But I assume most distances those people keep are because our kids are not "our flesh and Blood." When in the end does that really matter?  My mother whom was adopted was never to my knowledge treated that way growing up.  She of all people involved understand the depth of what it is being an "adoptee."

 Anyhow point is my goal of adopting my babies was public and it HAPPENED!  Really I'm not taking "credit" for it because the majority of the credit belongs to Jesus Christ!  It was his plan to make my babies my babies just like any child bared and birthed by their biological mother!  However I had my role to play in the process. Finally, my point, I set my goals publicly that I wanted to lose weight and live a healthy life style!  With that goal I kept myself accountable knowing I put the pressure on.  Yes I credit my motivation for my weight loss to Jesus Christ too!  Had I not prayed for the strength to make it through some of the toughest times in my journey knowing this was essentially to better myself for my children I was blessed to have... However I had  MY role to play in the journey and because I went public my accountability was always in check for myself.  Here I am today having lost a whole PERSON off of myself!  If you set your goals publicly you WILL meet them along with hard work and dedication always keeping ourselves accountable! 

As for this weeks ending weight Loss stats they are as follows:
Weight Loss Week Ending 9/8/13: -.06 pounds
Total Weight Loss in Current 90 Day Vi Challenge: -3.2 pounds
Total Weight Loss to date: -64.2 Pounds
Dress Pants Size 12's
Top Size Medium (8-10)
**Note: gym pants size large (12-14) becoming very baggy**

Wearing my size 12 dress pants:

To bring this post to an end my final progress to share is... I met a long term goal I set for myself.  I picked out two tattoos I wanted back when I was at -40 pounds.  My sister and I picked out matching "sister tats" and I picked out an "a mommy tat" representing having adopted my 4 precious babies.  At the time I knew I needed to lose some more weight and work more on sculpting before I got Inked!  I didn't want the tattoo to shrink or change all to much after getting the tattoo because I still have a significant amount of change I needed to make on my body.  So we met with the tat artist June of this year and scheduled it out for October of this year.  Our tat artist we spoke with was extremely booked through the year.  She ended up referring us to another tat artist that works with her that she trusts.  So we moved our appointment to the beginning of September.  This last Friday was our appointment and I got INKED!  At this point in my journey my back has lost a lot of "flab" and been sculpted back to my "Old back." So my back was ready!  I didn't know what kind of progress I'd have made by now but turns out my goals have continuously been met and I continue every day working harder to achieve my long term goals.  Here's my new ink:

Mommy Tat Representing my Adoption
Infinity Heart with my Children's Names

Sister Tattoo
(My sister has matching tat)

This one below is my sister and I next to each other showing our matching tats.  It is an infinity sign with "sisters" written in... (Me on left My sister on right)
My favorite color is purple (shading in purple)
My sisters favorite color is pink (shading in pink)


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