Thursday, August 15, 2013

Life's Curve Balls

Literally in a sense... life threw me a big curve ball early Monday morning around 2am.  I was wakened by severe excruciating shooting/stabbing pain in my right flank.  My intuition said "go to the ER."  My husband said wait till you can make an appointment with the doctor.  SO I did... I rode out this pain that I couldn't find relieve from by doing anything; sitting, standing, lying..nothing! So I finally make it into my doctor and he runs all the basic labs and says; "It looks like possibly a UTI that turned into a kidney infection."  So he sends in the basic drugs to treat both types of infections. I get a shot of anti-inflammatory medication in the tukus which hurt like a MUG.  Then all through out all of this doctors visit my migraine proceeds to worsen as the flank pain worsens so I'm just DYING or at least I felt like I was...  So my husband drives me home and puts me to bed.  I finally get some sleep now that the medications are all working. 

I go to work the next day and can not take ANY of my narcotics obviously because I am at work!  So I pop the IB Phrophen as often as I can and writhe in pain the entire day.  It went something like the pain would dull then it would turn into stabbing pain in my side and it hurt to breathe.  After making it out alive I made another one of many pit stops and the pain was worsening.  SO I hit up the after hours and they added another script to the mountain of pills they have me taking.  

So I struggled through another day at work doing all the same as the day before. By the end of the day my momma was very concerned and really thought I should go get it checked out at the ER.  I was being stubborn and putting it off. So I called the after hours doc and he basically said go get a ct scan to find out whats going on in there.  So hubby, kids and I loaded up and I was delivered to the Emergency room for further examination.

Basically I've passed a kidney stone, have a missed stone/s in my kidneys or an obstruction up around my kidney because my kidney was very swollen which was causing the pain! (Nephritis) They said the rest of the parts were fine.  So not necessarily a kidney infection but something is not right.  So they drugged me up some more and sent some more pills home to add to that pill mountain then referred me to a Urologist doc!  

So I call today and they tell me to come right on in.  I run up there and see Dr. UA-he looks through everything and says well go home assess the pain if its same or worse the rest of today do not eat or drink after midnight and call at 8 to come in for a SCOPE! YIKES! So I put my narc's to the side and endured pure kidney pain for the last 6+ hours to determine if any of it was getting better.  WRONG ANSWER stabbing pain back so on we go to visit Dr. UA and see what the hecks wrong! 

In closing this long boring blog I haven't exercised since Saturday! I am going S.T.I.R. crazy in my own body!  Kind of like cabin fever because I want to run and exercise but this broken down kidney isn't letting me.  So here I am day...5 going on 6 days of no cardio no NOTHING but sitting on my ass and eating bad food here and there of course.  I'm still shaking like I should for the most part but this really stinks.  Weight isn't coming off it's just hanging out at the same...SO this week will be a DUD week on the weight-loss front.  Hopefully after some resolution tomorrow and some recovery this weekend I'll b back on the elliptical kicking my ass back into losing more weight! 


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