Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Stronger You Are the Better You Feel

This beautiful cool Sunday I got up at 6:30am and left by 7am for an hour run and it was severely needed!  I missed more days than usual working out this last week and the quality of my work outs weren't the normal.  It was such a bad bad bad week and with all that's going on in my life right now I'm just physically and mentally drained.  So this morning has been the most calm and relaxing morning I've had in a while just doing my normal thing.  I am ready to get back into my groove this week and see that scale move some more!
Week Ending total loss: 0
Total Weight Loss: -58
Current Weight: 179
There was no weight fluctuation this week which with all the stress and alcohol consumed over this last week I am thankful to not have Gained any weight!
Despite there was no weight loss to report I have other news of progress.
I previously mentioned my (new) pants I bought a couple months back were too big but I was still holding off buying any new ones; those were size 16's.  I am a tall women measuring in height at 5'10 therefore my legs are very long.  I have to wear longs in pants which can only be found in the more expensive stores.  One of my favorite places to purchase my dressy work pants is New York and Co. I am signed up to receive coupons there as well as several other places where I shop for my kids and myself. I got a coupon sent to me via email to buy 1 pair of pants or jeans and get 1 pair FREE!  The dress pants I buy there are priced at 49.99 a piece.  So to get 2 pairs you spend well over 100.00!  I only buy 1 pair at a time because it's so pricey.  As soon as I got that coupon I headed straight over there and purchased 1 pair and got a pair regularly priced at 49.99 for FREE!  Since I saved 50.00 bucks I splurged a little and bought some earrings which was also buy 1 get 1 half off!  So I got two new earrings to add to the mix. 
Now to the good part... As I was trying on clothes I went straight for the 14's thinking ok the 16's are way to big so I know I'm a 14.  I got in the dressing room and put the 14's on and they fell down on me.  SO I started getting nervous thinking to myself, "Ok am I between at 12 and 14 what if the 12's are too tight, crap I won't be able to buy any!" So I went and grabbed the first pair of size 12's which was a different style than the first ones I tried. They were a little snug in the butt/hips area but fit... so I went and grabbed the style I first tried in the size 12's and waaaaala! They fit! PERFECTLY!!!!!!! So I got two pairs of size 12 dress pants and my size 16 jeans of course are falling off.  But those will have to wait closer to the weather cooling off because if I drop another size before then I want to make sure I am not spending too much on clothes I won't be able to wear in a month or two. 
Here's the PROOF:
I am now officially down from a size 20 to a size 12 pant which brings a grand total of -5 dress pant sizes!  I am also as I previously mentioned down from a top Plus Size 1 to a medium size top!  As for the last change in this journey to report I paid last year for a plus size bathing suit.  Yesterday my husband and I went out with my sister and Brother in law to ride their wave runners at the lake and hang out for some adult time.  My bathing suit I got to swim laps in which was a plus size does not fit at all so therefore I had no bathing suit to wear.  I made a mad dash to Wally world to see if I could piece something together.  I found a pair of black water shorts and a tankini top in my size and wore a "two piece" swimming outfit for the first time in Y.E.A.R.S!!!!!!!!  My oh my how things have done a full flip since last year... Here's my tiny little sister and me... She is built very small and shorter in height at a height of 5'5 so seeing us next to each other as adults we both look closer to the same size visually than we have ever been in our adult lives!  Here's a pic to share...
My Twin (6 years apart) and I **insider**
I don't know if I ever will feel "small" or "skinny" no matter how much weight I lose and no matter how toned up I get.  I still at times feel like a "wale" except after an amazing work out! But it's still a shock for me the new clothing sizes how much easier it is to shop now and how I look twice at myself in the mirror or pictures.  I say to myself "Is that really me?"


  1. wow you do look amazing! i bet you feel amazing too. keep it up and your new healthy lifestyle will bring the rewards. good job!

    1. Thank you Kandace! You are right this life style is very rewarding and makes like all around great!!! You've always lived such a healthy life style and that is something to be very proud of! :)