Sunday, August 18, 2013

Do It Today Or Regret It Tomorrow

This has been the hardest week of my life in the fitness department.  I have worked out every day with 1 or 2 days off a week since January.  Sometimes more... As you read on my last post I've had some serious kidney issues.  From talking to Dr UA about the plan for getting to the bottom of this I was SUPPOSED to have had surgery last Friday.  The way Friday actually happened was... I called first thing at 8am as instructed it was later that afternoon when I finally heard back from the doctors office.  They scheduled my RIRS Surgery for Tuesday morning. (Retrograd Intrarenal Surgery)

  They instructed me to completely get off all my medications except Tylenol for pain... all including vitamins etc.  What blows my mind is how they expected me to sit here in pain for 5 days while I wait for them to do anything about it?  I was NOT impressed at all!  What's awful is my company I work for is partnered with a new group of Urologists and I am seeing ONE OF THEM!  We even established that we worked for the same people at my visit!  You would think they would be a little more timely with getting things done.  A: I'm in excruciating pain and B: I work under the same umbrella they do so ahhh DUH I am missing work and therefore I need to move this along to get BACK to work!  Rant done! 

 I am praying despite the timely issues this doctor is pristine in his line of work and does what he does well and will get to the bottom of this!  Sitting and doing NOTHING around my house and NOTHING outside of my house is about to drive me INSANE!  I can't hardly sit still when I'm feeling normal let alone now.  The only balance of sanity for me has been sleep and really good TV shows and movies to distract me for several hours at a time!  Yesterday I was so frustrated about everything as a whole I HAD to get AWAY for an hour or two!  So I showered and slowly made my way to Target and pushed a cart around Target for an hour looking at everything.  It was very slow going but toward the end pain and nausea was so bad I found myself almost doubled over in Target.  I took some deep breathes checked out and headed straight home.  I felt better having gotten out of the house but I was so glad to have gotten home and back on the couch with my heating pad.  

I am looking forward to Tuesday to get to the bottom of this so I can move on.  I'm ready to get back to normal life work, gym, kids, house..the whole thing! During the time I've been sitting out I've been thinking of different ways to tackle getting my stomach toned.  I came up with a new work out routine I am gonna try when I get back to the gym so hopefully between now and the end of the year I will get closer to my goal weight and start seeing some stomach results.  I've got several different tactics I am going to try but you can bet I am ready to give them all a go and see some results!  Despite the doing nothing for 7 days straight I did weigh this week just because here are the results:

Week Ending Weight loss: -1.2 #'s
Total Weight-Loss to date: -59.2 #'s
Current Pant Size: 12's
current Top Size: Medium

I have several more days before I will have finished my Second Vi Salus Body by Vi 90 Day Weight-loss Challenge!  Once I get through these last few shakes I will have my final results to post for this coming up Challenge Ending.  **Exciting** Stay Tuned!


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