Friday, May 3, 2013

FIRST 90 Day Visalus Body by Vi Weight-Loss Challenge Results

Drum Roll Please...

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I DID IT!!!!

My first goal for my first 90 day Visalus Body by Vi Weight Loss Challenge was to lose -37 pounds!  My starting weight was 237 as of today -38 pounds later I weigh 199!  The first time I've been below 200 in YEARS!!!  Here comes the "Debbie-downer" I HOPED to have lost more at least by 5 pounds more.  However I am perfectly happy with my results so far.  I have worked extremely hard to get to the point I am now.  I have done SO MUCH weight loss research as far as how to lose weight in a healthy way and KEEP IT OFF!  There is NO going back not ever!  

I previously mentioned my husband and I battled male factor infertility which lead us to adopt our four beautiful children.  I have completely come to terms with my not ever carrying my own baby and I am perfectly okay with it because I feel I am the mother God made me to be to MY kids!  With that said; I officially closed that chapter in my life.   Now I am focusing on getting back to myself physically so that I can focus and enjoy all the time in the world I have with my son and 3 beautiful daughters!  Onward and forward!

If your interested in trying the Visalus Body by Vi shakes and wish to join the challenge let me know!  I am a firm believer in this life style and now I can say I am officially living proof!  I am now ready to take on my NEXT 90 Day Visalus Body by Vi challenge! Starting today 5/3/2013!!!

Second 90 Day Challenge Before

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