Saturday, August 24, 2013

Second ViSalus Body By Vi 90 Day challenge Ending...Third Challenge Beginning...

As you previously read I was dealing with Kidney stone, kidney pain, etc... Well I FINALLY had my Scope Surgery this last Tuesday where they went into my Urethra, Bladder, Ureter, and Kidney to see what exactly happened/happening. They verified by the looks of my kidney I DID in fact pass a kidney stone.  My kidney had been very swollen which was the source of all the pain.  While they were in there they found a few other UA Track issues they fixed while in surgery.  I was in surgery for 10 minutes then in recovery for 10is before I came to it.  When I woke up OF course I hadn't even believed they did anything!  That's the anesthesia for ya! LOL  But of course they did and got all the issues under control that day.  I follow up in 2 weeks with Dr. UA to check and see how the post surgery recovery is going. 
The day of surgery on Tuesday and Wednesday I fought some SERIOUS nausea and actually "got it up" Wednesday (TMI) But after a whole lot of sleep and rest by Thursday I felt more like me again.  No Nausea no persistent pain in my kidneys aside from the constant pressure I feel there now and small little twinges of pains every once in a while!  I got dressed cute that day put my contacts in and make up and went back to the gym after 12 days of not working out!  YES TWELVE! Believe me I can't believe I sat and did NOTHING for 12 days either! I'm a Gym rat FO SHO! Anyhow it was most defiantly hard getting back going and yes I did take it easy.
 My uncle warned me I would have lost around a month or so of my old stamina and to not jump in working out at my old fast pace.  (Running, high intensity elliptical, and weights/crunching) So I followed his advise and did an hour of slow starting/slow going treadmill walking.  At once point my right side started hurting because I kicked it up a little too high so I brought it back down.  Afterwards I did 20 minutes light cycling and was D.O.N.E!!!   Yesterday I went back again and the treadmill was much easier.  I walked at a 4.0 on a ramp of 10 for 1 hour and had ZERO pains in my right side.  Afterward I did light cycling for 30 minutes and felt fantastic after my work out!  While I was out sick I had such a hard time sleeping in the night hours.  However these last two nights I've slept so well and I know its because I finally exerted some physical energy like my body is accustomed to!
Moving on...Wednesday was my 2nd 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge Ending!  I took some updated pics and recorded my final stats: 

Final Ending Weight Loss To Date as of 8/21/13: -61 Pounds
Starting Weight: 237
2nd Vi Challenge Ending Weight: 176
Top size Medium (8-10's)
Dress Pants Size 12's
BMI: 25.3 (Over Weight Category)
I decided since I'm taking it slow starting out getting back into the swing of my gym work; I used the rest of this week after the last challenge to build up some of my lost strength and take it easy before I hit the ground running again on my next challenge.  Soooooo....
My Third Official ViSalus Body by Vi 90 Day challenge will Begin:
August 26th, 2013
Here is my new Challenge Before:
3rd Challenge Starting Weight: 176
BMI: 25.3 (Over Weight Category)
Shirt Size Medium (8-10's)
Dress Pant Size 12's
My goals for this new challenge is to lose more belly fat and begin the toning process in my belly, buns, and arms.  My Goal Weight after losing AND building muscle weight tone is 150.  The average weight range for my height is 139 -173.  According to MY specific body frame 150 is the perfect size to aim for as far as final results.  I am not going to push for final results in this challenge however I am at the point where the progress will begin slowing down as I lose the rest of the fat and gain the muscle weight sliding into 150 pounds.  This challenge my goal is to make as much progress toward that goal as possible.
Here is HOW I have lost -61 pounds so far:
I am seriously rocking this Vi Challenge and I know if I can do it you can do it!  Check out my video on my page and let me know what your favorite part of the video is!!!!


  1. you look great! glad you are feeling better. you wouldn't believe how common that procedure is! i recover probably 5-10 of those a day. Just did 3 of them today! as for your weight goal, all i can say is don't get too caught up with numbers! i weigh 150 and am MUCH shorter than you. we all carry it differently, and especially if you are wanting to build muscle mass that number will be higher! keep up the good work.

    1. Your most defiantly right about the numbers Kandace! I figured toward the end of the weight loss it would be more of a "play it by ear" process so that it's a healthy weight.